CipherTrust has begun offering the IronMail Certified Professional (ICP) Program for customer email managers and channel partners.

The program is designed to create field experts on the enterprise email security capabilities of the IronMail platform so they can better protect mission critical email infrastructures, the company says.

“The ICP Program will encompass the common bodies of knowledge of security, networking and email infrastructures in addition to the specifics of the IronMail platform,” said CipherTrust Vice President of Field Operations Jeff Lake. “After seeing the benefits IronMail has brought to their organizations, many of our customers wanted to have the type of certification typically associated with enterprise-class solutions–. Through this certification, ICP practitioners will broaden their own knowledge base and be able to train others in the many facets of email security.”

Individuals who meet prerequisites, attend certification training and pass practical and written exam components will be awarded the “IronMail Certified Professional” designation by CipherTrust.

CipherTrust Professional Services will coordinate the ICP program, which is already actively underway in the company’s Atlanta headquarters.