PlanetLink Communications, a provider of satellite-based products and Services, is launching a live interactive website on that will demonstrate its PlanetTRAKS user interface.

Starting Feb. 20, PlanetLink will post live data tracking the movement of some of its test group users. The company began field-testing its PlanetTRAKS GPS tracking product early this month in Atlanta and San Antonio.

PlanetTRAKS has the ability to access secure, real-time location data of a user via the Internet from any computer, anywhere.

“There are a multitude of practical uses for this exciting technology from tracking a family member on a driving trip to tracking fleet vehicles such as delivery trucks, courier vehicles, and emergency response vehicles,” said Dewey Bain, president of PlanetLink. “Our objective is a commercial launch of PlanetTRAKS during the month of April, 2004.”