Icagen and Abbot Laboratories will continue to work together to discover and develop new drugs focused on relieving neuropathic and inflammatory pain, according to Icagen.

The companies began working together in 2001.

Icagen said Thursday morning that “significant collaborative progress” has been made and that the renewal would mean more research and development funding from Abbott. No specific financial details were disclosed.

The project focuses on one of 10 molecular targets identified by Icagen for pain treatment.

“Our combined efforts to date have resulted in the identification of promising early compounds that may lead to a treatment for neuropathic and inflammatory pain,” said P. Kay Wagoner, president and chief executive officer of Icagen, in a statement. “We are pleased that Abbott Laboratories has elected to renew our collaboration, and look forward to continuing our joint efforts in this exciting and promising area of medical research.”

Icagen: www.icagen.com