CHARLOTTE–Transbotics Corporation (OTCBB: TNSB.OB)reports its
net revenues decreased to $1.13 million, compared with $1.19 million for the fiscal quarter ended May 31, 2002.

Income per share was $.02 for the most recent fiscal quarter compared with no income per share in 2002.

The Company earned net income for the second quarter in 2003 of $76,547 compared to a net income of $8,247 in 2002. The difference in income was primarily due to lower operating expenses compared to the prior year.

Transbotics Corp has specializes in the design, development, support and installation of automatic guided vehicles or transportation robots. The company is a leading supplier of automatic guided vehicle systems, system retrofits and upgrades, AGV controls technology, engineering services, AGV batteries, chargers and other related products.