MoliChem Medicines Inc. has begun Phase II trials with
its lead product candidate, Moli1901, in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients.

The first Phase II study will explore the pulmonary delivery and deposition of Moli1901 into the lungs of CF patients by inhalation, the company says. It will also address the possible action of Moli1901 on the ability of the mucus flow to remove infectious agents and inflammatory particles from their lungs.

This study will be conducted at John Hopkins Children’s Hospital, Baltimore, MD. After an initial examination of the feasibility of the selected methodology, a follow-on study will assess the duration of action in the lungs of CF patients, MoliChem says. Additional studies to characterize the residence time of the drug in the CF lung and its potential effect upon treatment efficacy and safety are planned for the summer and fall.

MoliChem Medicines: