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September 14

Premium Lock Server wars: Lenovo, IBM, HP shrink; Dell, Cisco grow

Lenovo         Lenovo has rebooted its server group management and its sales force but so far in 2017 the moves don't appear to be working. As global server revenues rose in the second quarter, Lenovo sales plunged, says research firm IDC. The news is also not good for HP or IBM. But Dell and Cisco are growing.

Updated September 6

Lenovo to pay $3.5M to settle preoloaded software complaint

Lenovo         Lenovo agreed to pay $3.5 million and change how it sells laptop computers as part of a settlement reached with federal officials and authorities in New Jersey and 31 other states says it "disagrees with the allegations" contained in complaints about preloaded software.

September 6

Premium Lock FTC Commissioner blasts Lenovo for 'deceptive' omissions in preloaded software case

FTC FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny blasts Lenovo for what he calls "omissions" that "were deceptive" even as the FTC and Lenovo agreed to a $3,5 million fine to settle a two-year-old preloaded software dispute.

Updated September 1

Premium Lock Grab your light saber: Lenovo, Disney unveil augmented reality Star Wars experience

Ever wanted to go one-on-one with Darth Vader in a duel of light sabers? Lenovo and Disney are teaming up for a Star Wars experience in augmented reality just in time for the next Star Wars movie, which premiers in December.

August 24

Premium Lock Top PC seller HP shows strong growth, eyes 3D printing as 'growth engine' (+ video)

HP, which recently regained the No. 1 ranking for PC sales from Lenovo, shows strong growth across its traditional businesses in its latest financial report. Next up: 3D printing.

August 21

Premium Lock Report: Lenovo notebook sales plunge year-over-year

A Lenovo notebook  More bad news for Lenovo. After reporting a quarterly loss last week for the first time in two years, the PC giant saw notebook shipments plunge in July, according to a new report. And the bad news isn't over.

Updated August 18

Premium Lock Lenovo misses expectations with surprise quarterly loss

Lenovo         A financial rebound for Lenovo, which recently lost its hold on the world's No. 1 PC sales ranking, was short lived. The tech giant reports a $72 million loss for its most recent quarter after posting a profit for the first three months of this year.

August 15

Premium Lock Lenovo teases new product launches at big tech show (+ video)

Lenovo on Tuesday rolled out a new video that teases products and technologies it will unveil at one of the world's largest tech shows later this month.

August 3

Premium Lock Tablet, smartphone reports offer few bright spots for Lenovo

A bright spot for Lenovo - its tablet sales - is a great deal dimmer based on sales in the second quarter. Meanwhile, new data on smartphone shipments finds Lenovo remains outside the top five sellers.

Taking notes on Lenovo Yoga tablet Taking notes on Lenovo Yoga tablet

Updated August 2

Premium Lock Lenovo North America president leaves; longtime IBM-Lenovo vet takes over

Emilio Ghilardi, Lenovo's North America president, has left the company. He is being replaced by a long-time IBM-Lenovo veteran Christian Teismann on an interim basis. Plus: Teismann's bio.

Emilio Ghilardi  Emilio Ghilardi

Updated July 20

Premium Lock Lenovo CEO sets new target, hints he might quit if he fails

Yang Yuanqing  After diversifying Lenovo away from what he has called the "bread and butter" of PCs into servers, smartphones and all things Internet, Chair and CEO Yang Yuanqing is now making a play for ecommerce and AI success. And he tells Bloomberg he might quit if he fails.

Updated July 13

Premium Lock US sales plunge - Lenovo loses grip on global No. 1 PC ranking

The other shoe has dropped in the world of PC sales rankings. Lenovo is no longer the world's top PC seller, according to the two most widely reported statistics compiled by global research firms. The new No. 1 is HPE as Lenovo falls behind due in part to a plunge in one of its strongest growth markets: The United States. Perhaps worse news is the fact Lenovo's sales fell while its top two rivals made gains.

Lenovo PC sales drop Lenovo PC sales drop

July 11

Premium Lock Enloe High School team's app wins national Lenovo honor (+ video)

An app developed by a team of students at Raleigh's Enloe High School is the top winner in a national competition put on by Lenovo, the NAF and judges from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

July 11

Premium Lock Inside the data center evolution - what's going on?

What are the latest trends, challenges and obstacles in the ever-evolving data infrastructure market? Technology Business Research Analyst Stephanie Long takes a look.

A Cisco C3260 model server A Cisco C3260 model server

June 27

Premium Lock Tower of power: Lenovo unveils VR developer-ready desktop PC

Lenovo, which is vying for the world's No. 1 PC seller title with HP, is making a move into virtual reality programming capable PCs with a new machine.

ThinkCentre M910t tower desktop ThinkCentre M910t tower desktop

Updated June 21

Premium Lock 'Lenovo Transform:' Tech giant offers PCs as a Service - no up-front hardware costs + Video

Lenovo, which is battling HP for the No. 1 PC seller around the globe, is rolling out PCs as a Service through which customers pay a fixed monthly fee in exchange for the latest hardware, upgrades and services.

June 19

Premium Lock Lenovo flexes supercomputer muscles in climb up Top 500 list; US out of top 3

Lenovo continues to climb the list for the world's top supercomputers in sales and performance with its latest machine hitting No. 13 on the global Top 500 list. Meanwhile, the U.S. drops out of the top 3 spots for only the second time in the annual report that dates back 49 years.

No. 1 supercomputer No. 1 supercomputer

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