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Posts tagged “Lenovo”

Updated 6:35 a.m. yesterday

Premium Lock Lenovo broadens Red Hat embrace + Whitehurst keynote, news at Red Hat Summit

Lenovo, the world's top PC manufacturer and a top provider of servers for data centers which operates one of its two executive headquarters in Morrisville, is deepening its relationship with Raleigh-based Red Hat, the global open source Linux developer. Plus, get the latest news from the Red Hat Summit and watch Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst's keynote speech where he stresses the importance of open source.

10:30 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Lenovo adding 'sense of touch' to mobile devices

Lenovo, looking to give a boost to lagging smartphone sales, is adding haptic, or sense of touch, technology to smartphones and tablets. Plus: What haptic technology is/provides and watch a video demo.

June 23

Tech Links: IBM Watson medical imaging; Google, AT&T vs. FCC; Lenovo smartphone supply chain; Tencent gaming buy; good GSK drug news

High tech In today's Tech Links roundup of news impacting the Triangle: IBM forms a new Watson alliance for assessment of medical imaging - 2 reports; the FCC may budge on its cable box proposal after hearing opposition from AT&T and Google; Lenovo vows to revamp its supply chain to right smartphone business; Tencent, which owns a big part of Cary-based Epic Games, buys "Clash of Clans" creator; and GSK gets good news on a COPD combination therapy.

June 20

Premium Lock Lenovo launches startup incubator - but it's in Hong Kong

Lenovo   Lenovo, which recently announced a big funding initiative to start and to develop new companies, is launching an accelerator program. Unfortunately for the Triangle and North Carolina, the first program is based in Hong Kong.

June 13

Premium Lock Lenovo among investors in $50M round for augmented reality startup

Lenovo, which unveiled an augmented reality smartphone last week, is making another play in the AR space. It's among the investors in Silicon Valley startup Meta, which raised $50 million in a new round of funding.

Updated June 10

Lenovo's new phone immerses users in 'augmented reality'

A Lenovo smartphone unveiled Thursday will be clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings -- such as the room's size and the presence of other people -- and potentially transform how we interact with e-commerce, education and gaming.

Updated June 10

Premium Lock Bendable screens, augmented reality, smart shoes, smart home: Lenovo's innovation wave in video

Words can't adequately describe all the innovations Lenovo displays at its "Tech World" event. So how do you tell the story best? Watch the videos ...

June 9

Premium Lock Bad news, PC manufacturers: Sales picture not getting better

A Lenovo PC Research firm IDC forecasts more difficult times ahead for the world's PC industry with desktop machine sales on the decline through 2020 and portables only increasing slightly. Says IDC: "Unfortunately, the PC market still faces some persistent challenges, and for now, improvement continues to mean slower declines."

Updated June 9

Lenovo's 3D augmented reality phone pushes new frontiers

Lenovo makes its sensor-filled augmented reality 3D phone official today. Think virtual reality without a headset. Jeff Meredith, the Lenovo exec pushing development of the device packing Google Tango project software, talks with WRAL TechWire about a device that he says "blows away" other smartphones.

June 7

Tech links: 5G 'blistering' speed; GSK Avandia case; IBM $300M deal; Lenovo data center updates

High tech In today's "Tech links" wrapup of other media reports about news affecting the Triangle: AT&T reports blistering speeds at 5G lab; GSK loses bid to toss Avandia racketeering lawsuits; IBM wins a $300 million contract; and Lenovo adds new data center products as well as new partners.

June 3

Premium Lock More grim news for Lenovo: Server sales plunge 10%

Lenovo's stock is falling, Google is dumping shares at a discount, analysts have written down the company, and for the first time in six years Lenovo lost money. Now comes more bad news: Server revenue plunged 10 percent in the first quarter. Will a new hyperscale partnership help right the trend? IBM also takes a hit.

Lenovo x86 server Lenovo x86 server

June 2

Premium Lock Lenovo news: Google sells $221M in shares; uninstall advisory

Lenovo   Lenovo shares drop 4% as Google sells $221 million in shares. The move helped send Lenovo shares to a 52-week low. Plus: Lenovo advises customers to uninstall Accelerator Application.

May 30

Premium Lock Lenovo struggles to keep pace with data center disruption

Analysis: Lenovo's latest earnings report last week in which the global tech firm reported its first loss in six years reflects in part problems in its data center business. Technology Business Research Analyst Krista Macomber says Lenovo's Enterprise Business Group, which is based in RTP, is struggling to keep pace with the disruption taking place in the data center industry.

May 27

Premium Lock Inside Lenovo: Will reorg of PC business offset plunging prices?

Analysis: Facing an "ongoing dive to the bottom in PC prices" as well as other challenges such as in its smartphone business, Lenovo is reorganizing its world-leading computer business. But will that be enough as Lenovo profits and revenue drop? Technology Business Research Analyst Daniel Callahan takes a look.

A Lenovo PC A Lenovo PC

Updated May 26

Premium Lock Lenovo reports bigger loss than expected, 3% revenue drop

Lenovo   Lenovo, the world's largest PC manufacturer, reports its first annual loss in six years as revenues decline 3 percent. The company cites several reasons for the drop, including a huge decline in smartphone sales as well as internal "operational issues," in the words of Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing. Meanwhile, its Triangle-based server group gets a new name.

May 25

Premium Lock Tech links: IBM's cognitive dress; Cisco cloud phone; Watson on Twilio; GSK lung drug success; Lenovo Moto Z

In today's roundup of Tech Links, taking you to important stories affecting tech in the Triangle: Check out the "cognitive dress" designed in part by IBM's Watson; see a YouTube video about the fashion project; read about Cisco's cloud phone; find out about new Watson services for developers at Twilio, GSK gets good news on a potential lung drug; and Lenovo trademarks Moto Z.

May 25

Premium Lock Bloomberg: Lenovo analysts cut outlook due to 'mobile crisis'

Lenovo   Lenovo reports its latest quarterly earnings Thursday, and expectations are the numbers won't be good, Bloomberg news reports. In a story that documents how analysts are downgrading the stock, Bloomberg notes one common theme: Lenovo's struggles in the mobile phone market.

May 18

Premium Lock Duke poliovirus therapy; Lenovo-SAP solutions; Duke solar projects OK'd; PPD award

Tech briefs Tech briefs: A poliovirus therapy from Duke University receives "breakthrough" status from the FDA; Lenovo and SAP unveil their first joint products and solutions; Duke Energy wins approval for two solar projects; and PPD wins clinical research award.

May 17

Premium Lock Tech links: AT&T GigaPower; Lenovo phones; Twitter limits; IBM faster storage; AT&T's buy

High tech In today's WTW wrapup of technology news: AT&T takes GigaPower to San Francisco; Lenovo unveils new phones; new limits possibly coming for Twitter; IBM's new storage breakthrough tops flash; and AT&T makes a streaming buy.

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