(CIX: WRAL30)  1,109.71  up arrow+1.83  (0.17 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Apple)  116.78  up arrow+1.47  (1.28 %)  Updated: 11:06 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: QUINTILES)  61.04  down arrow-0.62  (-1.01 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(OP: BASF SE)  89.40  up arrow+1.75  (2 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: BioCryst)  10.77  up arrow+0.16  (1.51 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: BioDelivery)  13.09  down arrow-0.11  (-0.83 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: CEMP)  27.98  up arrow+1.06  (3.94 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Cisco Systems)  26.72  down arrow-0.09  (-0.32 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Cree)  35.06  down arrow-0.77  (-2.15 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: DARA)  0.85  up arrow+0.02  (2.4 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: EMC CORPORATION)  26.26  down arrow-0.34  (-1.28 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Extreme Networks)  2.99  up arrow+0.21  (7.37 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: FB)  76.39  up arrow+0.15  (0.2 %)  Updated: 11:06 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: GLAXOSMITHKLINE)  44.79  down arrow-0.2  (-0.44 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: GOOG)  502.98  down arrow-7.02  (-1.38 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: IBM)  152.99  up arrow+1.44  (0.95 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: LH)  115.27  down arrow-0.22  (-0.19 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(OP: Lenovo Group)  25.72  down arrow-0.68  (-2.56 %)  Updated: 11:04 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: MRK)  60.83  down arrow-0.62  (-1.01 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Microsoft Corp)  41.04  down arrow-0.15  (-0.36 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: NTAP)  37.87  down arrow-0.14  (-0.36 %)  Updated: 11:06 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: NOVARTIS AG)  98.24  up arrow+1.13  (1.16 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(OP: Novozymes A/S)  45.22  up arrow+0.3  (0.67 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: PFIZER)  31.58  down arrow-0.37  (-1.16 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Pozen)  6.95  down arrow-0.01  (-0.14 %)  Updated: 11:03 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NY: RED HAT)  64.18  down arrow-0.48  (-0.74 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: BBRY)  9.88  down arrow-0.24  (-2.37 %)  Updated: 11:06 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: Salix)  133.58  up arrow+5.69  (4.45 %)  Updated: 11:06 AM EST, Jan 29 2015
(NQ: SQI)  13.71  down arrow-0.14  (-1.01 %)  Updated: 11:05 AM EST, Jan 29 2015

Posts tagged “Layoffs”

7:57 a.m. today

Citrix restructuring plans to cut 900 jobs

Citrix Systems Cloud-computing software maker Citrix Systems said it would cut about 700 full-time and 200 contractor jobs as part of a restructuring to improve operational efficiency. Citrix CEO Mark Templeton commented on the news on social media.

Updated 10:11 p.m. yesterday

'Bloodbath:' IBM workers report job cuts are underway

IBM job cuts A "resource action," or layoffs, that a worker described as a "bloodbath" is underway at IBM under the name "Project Chrome," workers are telling the Alliance@IBM Union. One of the first posts Wednesday came from RTP. IBM confirmed cuts are being made.

3:34 p.m. Tuesday

Union: IBMers report job cuts will begin on Wednesday

IBM job cuts Workers at IBM are telling the Alliance@IBM union that layoffs as part of what Big Blue calls a "resource action" are set to begin Wednesday. IBM confirmed Monday plans to cut thousands of jobs, having set aside some $600 million to cover the cost of a restructuring.

Updated 8:15 a.m. Tuesday

Changes at IBM create, eliminate thousands of jobs

IBM job cuts Like a pendulum, world media jumped on a report that IBM was cutting some 26 percent - or more than 100,000 jobs. Then IBM issued a sharply worded denial. The media responded, widely reporting that news. But the fact remains: IBM acknowledged that a lot of jobs will be lost in a restructuring but Big Blue also is on a hiring binge.

1:52 p.m. Monday

Triangle firm laying off 319 employees who worked for Cree

Layoffs       A provider of employers for other companies, Green Resources, is laying off 319 employees who had been assigned to work for Durham-based Cree.

Updated 8:40 a.m. Monday

Will IBM cut 100,000 jobs? Even union is wary of the report

IBM layoffs    IBM is undergoing a major internal restructuring as Chair and CEO Ginny Rometty tries to reverse nearly three years of dwindling returns. But is Big Blue really going to cut as many as 100,000 jobs as has been reported over the weekend? Not even the Alliance@IBM is buying in completely to the story.

Updated January 23

GSK layoffs in China?; Lenovo-Xiamoi showdown; NC wind energy study; China blocks VPNs; Box prices IPO; Uber woes; Verizon loss

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup: GSK reportedly will lay off 1,000 in China; Lenovo takes on Xiaomi with own cheap smartphone in India; feds seek public input on coastal NC wind energy study; China shutting down virtual private networks; Box prices its IPO; Denmark may ban Uber; and Verizon reports a quarterly loss.

Updated January 22

European Space Agency 'cloud' includes Red Hat; Uber raises $1.6B; HondaJet CEO honor; Google wireless?; eBay cuts 2,400; LG curved smartphone

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Red Hat lands European Space Agency as a customer for cloud services; Uber raises $1.6 billion; Honda Aircraft's CEO receives aviation award; Google may be selling wireless services; eBay is slashing jobs; and LG readies launch of curved smartphone.

Tags: Layoffs
January 14

Drug manufacturer Hospira closing Clayton plant, cutting 250 jobs

Layoffs       Hospira, a manufacturer of drug products and medical devices, is closing its plant in Clayton which employs some 250 people. Hospira says the facility will close after an "extensive analysis" of the plant, products made there and as part of the firm's modernization efforts.

Updated December 16, 2014

Premium Lock Despite layoffs at GSK, raise a glass (at least) half full

Veteran journalist Jim Shamp sees upside and downside in the recently announced job cuts at GlaxoSmithKline. After all, he notes, cuts in the past as GSK evolved locally from Burrough Wellcome to Glaxo to Glaxo Wellcome and today have produced a harvest of new companies, new ideas, and products. "Yes, a shakeup like GSK's cutback announcement is shattering," he writes. "But these are smart, talented people who will get back on their feet and contribute greatly to North Carolina's life science future."

GSK Headquarters      GSK Headquarters

December 9, 2014

Premium Lock Durham robotic firm laying off more than 40% of local work force

Layoffs       Parata Systems, a manufacturer of robotic drug dispensing systems in Durham, is downsizing two facilities and laying off 110 workers. The total represents more than 40 percent of its Triangle work force.

Updated December 5, 2014

Premium Lock GSK cuts a 'severe blow' to RTP, says science blogger at forefront of layoff reports

Dr. Derek Lowe, a veteran pharmaceutical scientist and long-time Internet blogger, was among the first to report details of GSK's 20% job force reduction in RTP. Fed information from friends and contacts within the industry, he has written several insightful blogs about what's happening at the drug giant and across the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in R&D. And he tells WRAL TechWire that GSK's cuts are a "severe blow" to the Triangle.

Updated December 3, 2014

Premium Lock GSK files notice confirming 'approximately 900' layoffs in Triangle

GlaxoSmithKline will lay off hundreds of research and development workers at its Research Triangle Park campus, the company said in an official notice to the state.

GSK's R&D facility in RTP  GSK's R&D facility in RTP

Updated December 3, 2014

Premium Lock Hundreds of GSK workers could end up at new RTP employer

GSK  Up to 450 employees of drug giant GlaxoSmithKline who face being laid off may find employment quickly at Parexel, a life science research firm with an office in RTP. GSK says it has signed a letter of intent to create a GSK-focused group within Parexel.

December 3, 2014

Premium Lock #WTWTrends: GSK jobs, HQRaleigh, startups, innovation grants, and Airbnb Trending in the Triangle

Trending in the Triangle Trending in the Triangle: Get the pulse of technology in the Triangle with the best in local technology, venture, biotech, and life science news on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014 as curated by @WRALTechWire.

December 3, 2014

Premium Lock GSK's full statement on layoffs: Cuts are 'strategic'

GSK  In a statement, GlaxoSmithKline explains the cutbacks being made in research and development at Research Triangle Park and other locations. "Our proposed changes to R&D will sharpen the focus in discovery and development and reduce funding in certain areas of the pipeline," the drug giant says.

Updated December 1, 2014

Premium Lock Drug giant GSK reportedly will lay off hundreds in US

GlaxoSmithKline is preparing to lay off hundreds of workers in the U.S., according to various media reports. A company spokesperson in RTP, where the company operates its North American headquarters, confirms that a reorganization is underway but won't comment on specifics.

GSK's R&D facility in RTP  GSK's R&D facility in RTP

November 4, 2014

Premium Lock As IBM reportedly cuts 50,000 India jobs, CEO replaces Global Services leader

IBM is said to be making huge job cuts but few people in the U.S. know about it because the reductions are taking place in India. Some reports say the cuts are hitting as many as one third of the 165,000 Big Blue workers there. Meanwhile, IBM's CEO is replacing the head of Global Technology Services, the biggest revenue driver for the tech giant.

Slide from IBM shows declining services revenues Slide from IBM shows declining services revenues

November 4, 2014

Premium Lock Sprint slashing 5% of staff in $1.5B cost-cutting

Layoffs       Wireless carrier Sprint says it is eliminating 2,000 jobs, or about 5 percent of its staff, as part of an effort to cut $1.5 billion in annual spending. Sprint also cut jobs in October.

October 29, 2014

Premium Lock Report: Automation is eliminating jobs in outsourcing

India outsourcing  IT service providers continue to consolidate headcount across regions while seeking to optimize global delivery operations though automation. Technology Business Research Inc.'s (TBR) semiannual Global Delivery Benchmark documents vendor performance, attrition and utilization rates, as well as market, growth and profit drivers across 14 of the largest systems integrators.

Techwire Inside Partners
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