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Posts tagged “Layoffs”

Updated July 5

More IBM mass layoffs coming - This time to the Netherlands in a first

IBM layoffs     In a leaked document, executives at IBM Netherlands describe how "Resource Balancing 2016" i.e. job cuts - are hitting that business group for the first time. The resource action, as IBM calls layoffs,could affect "several hundreds," a source tells Watching IBM at Facebook.

June 29

Biden cancer drug threat; Windows 10 update; Dow job cuts; top China net exec is out

Bulldog In today's wrapup of technology and life science news: Vice President Joe Biden threatens drug makers over trial information; Windows 10 gets an update; Dow Chemical to cut N.C. jobs; and China's top Internet regulator is replaced.

May 25

Premium Lock HPE gets smaller; Microsoft job cuts; Toyota backs Uber; fed's IT antiquated

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: HP Enterprise is selling its services group; Microsoft cuts jobs in mobile unit; Toyota decides to invest in Uber; and a new report says the federal government is spending billions on antiquated technology.

Updated May 20

Premium Lock Layoffs hit IBM in Triangle; Big Blue confirms cuts but says it has 25k open jobs

IBM layoffs     A new round of layoffs - the second in the last three months - is sweeping across IBM with numerous reports of job cuts at Big Blue's Research Triangle Park campus. IBM confirms cuts are being made but also says it has 25,000 open positions as it "aggressively" transforms the company. However, IBMers say few of those jobs are in the U.S.

Tags: IBM, Layoffs
May 12

Premium Lock Triangle headlines: TransEnterix job cuts; G1 raises $47M; UNC-NCSU biomed eningeering effort

Triangle headlines In a wrapup of technology and life science news being reported by Triangle media outlets: TransEnterix cuts jobs after FDA rejects robot; G1 Therapeutics adds to a big fundraiser; and a look at the joint UNC-NCSU biomedical engineering effort.

May 11

Premium Lock Charlotte pharma plant closing; 390 jobs being lost

Layoffs        An Irish pharmaceutical company is closing its Charlotte manufacturing plant, a move that will cost 390 local jobs.

Updated May 2

Premium Lock 'War on talent:' Hiring, layoffs, finding contractors headline news at INC

INC Research INC Research's latest earnings report reflects growth in earnings, revenue and hiring. But a separate SEC filing discloses 175 layoffs as part of a reorganization. More are coming. Company execs also say they are using more contractors, which often are more expensive than full-time employees. What's going on? CROs such as INC, and Quintiles are battling for a particular kind of talent. They are known as CRAs.

Updated May 2

Premium Lock BASF: Layoffs expected to affect 106 jobs in RTP

BASF says its layoffs in Research Triangle Park are expected to affect "only 106 jobs," not as many as 190 as cited in a mass layoff filing with the state of North Carolina.

Inside BASF's RTP facility. Inside BASF's RTP facility.

April 20

Premium Lock Argos Therapeutics cutting 13% of work force; COO resigns

Argos Therapeutics, which is the midst of a crucial Phase 3 clinical trial, says it is cutting 13 percent of its work force to help cut costs. The company also says its chief operating officer is stepping down.

Argos' production facilty Argos' production facilty

Updated April 20

Premium Lock Inside Intel: Slashing 12,000 workers is key to reboot toward a new legacy

Intel Analysis: Intel is turning from one legacy - a performance relying on chips for PCs - to a new one focusing on "cloud," mobile devices, 3D and other opportunities. As PC sales tumble, Intel is rebooting, and look for the tech giant to stabilize by mid-2017, says Technology Business Research analyst Krista Macomber.

March 23

Premium Lock Credit Suisse is cutting more jobs; Triangle impact not clear

Credit Suisse Credit Suisse is cutting another 2,000 jobs, up from 4,000 cuts announced just a few weeks ago. The Swiss financial giant has a major presence in the Triangle.

March 10

Premium Lock Americans predict that robots will take majority of jobs by 2065

Pew Research on Workforce Automation A new research study from the Pew Research Center that charts public predictions on the future of workforce automation was released today. Nearly two-thirds of Americans expect that robots and computers will do much of the work currently done by humans.

March 3

Premium Lock IBM confirms layoffs in what it terms 'workforce rebalancing'

IBM's Ginni Rometty  Workers at IBM began telling the media through a Facebook site that Big Blue has started another round of layoffs on Wednesday. Later, the company confirmed that layoffs had begun in what it calls "workforce rebalancing." However, IBM also denied a report that it was cutting as much as one third of its workers in the U.S.

Updated March 2

Premium Lock Workers: IBM layoffs hitting RTP, other US locations

IBM layoffs     IBM, which recently sharply reduced severance pay packages for laid-off employees, is issuing layoff notices today to some workers in Research Triangle Park and at other U.S. locations, workers are telling the "Watching IBM" website. One called the cuts a "mass firing." IBM declines comment.

Tags: IBM, Layoffs
March 2

Premium Lock NetApp: RTP remains 'major facility,' won't disclose layoff numbers

NetApp is cutting jobs at its big campus adjacent to Cisco in Research Triangle Park, but the storage tech company won't say how many. Despite the cuts, a NetApp spokesperson says the company remains committed to its N.C. operation.

NetApp's RTP campus  NetApp's RTP campus

Updated March 1

Premium Lock Chimerix discloses 20% slashing of work force after drug trial failure

Failure of a potential transplant treatment in a late-stage clinical trial triggered more than an 80 percent plunge in the price of Chimerix shares two months ago. The Durham drug development firm on Monday disclosed it had slashed its work force by 20 percent and also was cutting R&D spending.

Chimerix 80% dive in December Chimerix 80% dive in December

February 29

Premium Lock Big Blue jobs on 'chopping block' in UK; Buffett 'could be wrong' on IBM stock

IBM                          IBM is preparing to make job cuts in the U.K. as part of its ongoing reorganization, and billionaire Warren Buffett concedes he "could be wrong" about his major investment in Big Blue.

February 25

Premium Lock BASF cutting half of jobs in crop science business

BASF is slashing the size of its plant biotechnology unit in half, and layoffs will hit the BASF operation in Research Triangle Park.

Inside BASF's RTP facility. Inside BASF's RTP facility.

Updated February 18

Premium Lock NetApp: Layoffs will hit RTP campus; exact number not disclosed

Layoffs        Storage technology firm NetApp is cutting 12 percent of its work force, or some 1,400 jobs, as part of a "restructuring." The news comes after the company reported revenues and earnings that missed Wall Street expectations. NetApp says its RTP operations will be hit.

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