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Premium Lock RIoT: New accelerator will meet 'need' for startups focusing on IoT

RIoT, the Internet of Things group that now has more than 5,000 members, is continuing to evolve to a "content and hands-on organization" helping to develop startups and technology. Not just events. With a $500,000 federal grant, RIoT will open its own IoT-focused accelerator to drive an ecosystem development, says the group's founder.

Internet of Things arrives at NASCAR Internet of Things arrives at NASCAR

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1.9 billion reasons to attend TechWire's cybersecurity event

A new study finds 1.9 billion reasons to attend WRAL TechWire's "Hackers, Malware, Ransomware & You" event. That's how many data records have been exposed by hackers in the first six months of this year.

TechWire cybersecurity event TechWire cybersecurity event

3:49 p.m. Friday

Premium Lock Report: Smart health device usage surges to 41%

Smart devices for use in tracking healthcare at home are surging in use according to a new report.

Connected health at home Connected health at home

2:26 p.m. Friday

Premium Lock RTP tech links: Sensus, Lenovo, IBM, Bill Gates, John Chambers, AT&T, NetApp, BlackBerry

Tech briefs Tech news involving RTP tech firms: Sensus CEO; Cisco-Netapp rumor; Lenovo 25th ThinkPad; IBM air mail data; Lenovo's India focus; BlackBerry-Delphi deal; Gates regrets control+alt+delete; AT&T Gen G update; Cisco data management via cloud; John Chambers' new board seat. Read our roundup.

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Premium Lock IoT startup ProAxion lands $500K, new investors

ProAxion, an NC IDEA startup grant winner in 2016, is continuing its rapid growth in the Internet of Things industrial sensor space. Its latest big news: Raising money and landing high-profile investors.

ProAxion installed ProAxion installed

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Premium Lock Internet of Things group RIoT to launch accelerator with $500K federal grant

RIoT RIoT, the Triangle-based Internet of Things group pushing IoT development, plans to launch an accelerator program targeting" disruptive technologies" after landing a $500,000 federal grant. RIoT estimates it can create more than 90 startups, generate 200 jobs and secure $10 million in private investment.

5:52 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Pendo hires 2 execs, to double headcount, picks Raleigh tower for bigger HQ

Pendo Fresh from making its first acquisition and $25 million in funding, Raleigh software startup Pendo plans to double its headcount in 2018. Pendo also will move into new headquarters space downtown.

1:30 p.m. Thursday

Experts to explore how to beat cyberattack onslaught

What can you and your company do to keep from becoming a victim? WRAL TechWire's cybersecurity event will offer you access to executives who can offer answers. Two panel discussions will explore the pertinent issues in depth.

TechWire cybersecurity event TechWire cybersecurity event

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Premium Lock Review: Apple Watch goes solo, but early troubles show you shouldn't dump your phone yet (+ video)

A chief gripe with Apple Watch is that it requires you to keep an iPhone with you for most tasks. The inclusion of GPS last year helped on runs and bike rides, but you're still missing calls and messages without the phone nearby.

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Premium Lock Raleigh app software developer lands $5.3M in oversubscribed round, is hiring

Dropsource, an emerging entrepreneurial software company in Raleigh, is hiring, having closed on $5.3 million in new capital.

A sample from Dropsource A sample from Dropsource

7:50 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock PrecisionHawk CEO: 'Unconventional wisdom' learned while building a $2B company

Michael Chasen, CEO of Raleigh-based drone company, PrecisionHawk, previously founded, built the e-learning company Blackboard into a nearly $2 billion enterprise. He shared five pieces of "unconventional wisdom" he discovered along the way with the CED Tech Venture Conference Wednesday.

Michael Chasen, CEO of Precision Hawk, at the CED Venture Tech Conference. Michael Chasen, CEO of Precision Hawk, at the CED Venture Tech Conference.

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Google buys HTC's Pixel team in $1.1B bet on devices (+ video)

Google is biting off a big piece of device manufacturer HTC for $1.1 billion to expand its efforts to build phones, speakers and other gadgets equipped with its arsenal of digital services. Plus: Watch CNET's report about the deal.

6:39 a.m. Thursday

Hacking news keeps getting worse, so fight back: Attend TechWire event

"The number of devastating cyberattacks is surging -- and it's likely to get much worse." so reports CNBC. The SEC says it's been hacked. News about the Equifax hacking is getting even worse. What can you and your company do to keep from becoming a victim? WRAL TechWire's cybersecurity event will offer you access to executives who can offer answers.

TechWire cybersecurity event TechWire cybersecurity event

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Startup profile: Sense Photonics, developing sensors for autonomous vehicles

Sense Photonics brings a high-profile to the CED Tech Venture Conference, having already raised more than $3 million from investors to back its sensor technology that is crucial for autonomous vehicles.

Sense Photonics Sense Photonics

3:39 p.m. Tuesday

Startup profile: DataClarity, making digital transformation real (+ video)

As the amount of data produced daily continues to explode worldwide, Raleigh startup DataClarity says its platform helps clients make sense of all the information and turns digital transformation from hype into reality.

2:23 p.m. Tuesday

Startup profile: Tago, a platform to manage data through app, one system

Tago, a Raleigh startup, is offering a cloud-based platform through which it says users can manage devices, store data, run analytics and integrate services.

Tago platform Tago platform

Updated 7:33 a.m. Tuesday

Premium Lock Chambers retiring as chair at Cisco; CEO Robbins to take over

John Chambers, longtime chair at tech giant Cisco, is retiring when his current terms ends in December. Replacing him will be Chuck Robbins, who replaced Chambers as CEO in July 2015.

John Chambers John Chambers

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