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8:17 a.m. yesterday

Premium Lock Big Blue's big Watson news: Acquiring, adding banking smarts

IBM Watson avatar    IBM's supercomputer Watson is about to get plenty of financial "smarts" thanks to Big Blue's acquisition of financial consulting firm Promontory Financial Group. Thus IBM takes artificial intelligence into banking and regulatory issues. And a sampling of news headlines reflects the significance of the deal.

7:37 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Artifical Intelligence alliance: How the world's media reacts

Five of the biggest players in global high-tech have joined forces in creating the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. And reaction to the effort by the giants to alleviate public concern about the potential evils of AI as immediate.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

7:57 a.m. Wednesday

Premium Lock Report: IoT revenues soar to $6B in second quarter with IBM topping list

Internet of Things Want more proof that the Internet of Things has moved from hype to reality? A new report from Technology Business Research says that IoT ecosystem revenues soared 18 percent year-over-year to $6 billion in the second quarter with IBM leading the way However, IaaS limits growth in hardware infrastructure.

Updated 12:46 p.m. Tuesday

From wearables to drones: How RTP tech firms might save your life in 2021

Let's say you are working in your yard in the year 2021 and you suffer what should be a "widow maker" heart attack. Somehow, you're saved - through the grace of God and technology developed right here in the Triangle. How so, you ask? Let's share a vision into a possible future.

Updated September 20

Premium Lock IBM, Red Hat join forces to drive hybrid cloud solutions

Big Blue and the Hatters are teaming up to drive more cloud computing solutions that utilize Red Hat products and IBM Power System servers. IBM already has been identified as a global leader in so-called hybrid cloud services - and that's the focus of the Red Hat-IBM deal.

IBM cloud platform data centers IBM cloud platform data centers

Updated September 14

Premium Lock IBM exec: Blockchain could change biz just like Internet did (+ video)

Ready for another Internet revolution? Blockchain, the cryptocurrency technology made famous by bitcoin, could transform business just as the net did, says the IBM executive heading Big Blue's efforts. The RTP-based executive talked Blockchain at the CED Tech Venture Conference on Tuesday. (Plus: Watch a video primer.)

Updated September 9

Premium Lock Forecast: Customer demand to drive analytics services growth at 11% a year

Enterprises will increasingly depend on analytics and insights to deliver business outcomes, requiring higher-value professional services, says a new forecast from Technology Business Research.

Growth forecast for analytics and insights professional services Growth forecast for analytics and insights professional services

September 6

Premium Lock Analyst: Analytics honeymoon over - customers demand 'tangible business value'

Innovation What's happening in analytics these days? "From a professional services perspective, customers expect their vendors to go beyond implementing software to help them extract deeper business insights from their data. This reflects what I see as the end of analytics' honeymoon period," says research analyst Jen Hamel.

Updated September 1

Premium Lock Third round of layoffs hit IBM in 8 months, including RTP

IBM layoffs     IBMers are lighting up a Facebook page with reports across the country about a new round of layoffs. IBM's campus in RTP is taking a hit. It's the third cut in jobs so far this year. To add insult to billfold pain, the IBMers have been told their last day at work will be in November, which means they miss out on IBM's 401K contribution this year. IBM confirms that layoffs are underway.

August 31

Premium Lock Action! IBM's Watson produces first AI movie trailer (+ video)

IBM's artificial intelligence powerhouse Watson is getting credit for helping produce the first Hollywood movie trailer relying on AI. It's for the sci-fi thriller "Morgan," and Entertainment Weekly offers the trailer a rave review.

Updated August 29

Premium Lock CED Tech Venture profile: Stealz, 'revolutionizing' business-customer engagement with IBM Watson's help

A new partnership with IBM Watson is bringing supercomputing analytics capabilities to Raleigh startup Stealz' capabilities for delivering real-time customer feedback to its more than 1,000 paying clients. Stealz will be telling its story about revolutionizing business-to-customer relationships at CED's Tech Venture conference.

Updated August 19

Premium Lock GSK is No. 1 on Fortune 'Change the World' list; Novozymes 9th, IBM 47th

Fortune GlaxoSmithKline takes home the honor as the top business on Fortune's annual "Change the World" list. Two other tech/biotech companies with a big North Carolina presence also are recognized: Novozymes and IBM.

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