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Premium Lock What a top venture capitalist looks for in an entrepreneur

When Steve Nelson interviewed John Doerr at the CED Venture Conference Tuesday,, the venture capitalist who saw potential in Amazon's Jeff Bezos and the Google founders before anyone else faced the question that inevitably came up: what does he look for in an entrepreneur? The answer included stories about Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and the Google founders.

The legendary John Doerr after his talk at the CED Venture Conference The legendary John Doerr after his talk at the CED Venture Conference

September 8

'Back to School Tech Party' - a bridge over the digital divide

STEM education news  At Google Fiber, we've long been committed to helping to bridge the digital divide -- the unmistakable line that exists between people with ready access to the internet and the latest tech tools and those without. So on August 23, Google Fiber teamed with the Durham Housing Authority to host a Back to School Tech Party; inviting all fifth through eighth grade youth living in DHA communities.

Updated September 5

Premium Lock Forecast: Smartphone industry doesn't face first-ever sales decline - yet

The Broadband Report       Unless Apple's next generation fo smartphones set off a new wave of excitement, the smartphone industry faces years of slow growth with Android still dominating operating systems.

August 25

Premium Lock Think you're depressed? Google offers help (+ video)

Google has a new feature designed to help people suffering from depression. Users in the United States who search for "depression" or "clinical depression" will now be offered a questionnaire to test their depression levels and help determine whether they should seek professional help, Google said in a blog post.

August 25

Warning: Shopping by voice on Amazon or Google device could cost you

Voice shopping is still new. But once you start using it, look out -- you might never know if it's offering you the best deal. Because these devices can't say much without tiring your ears, voice shopping precludes some of the savvy shopping practices you may have relied on to find the best bargains -- in particular, researching products and comparing prices.

Updated August 22

Premium Lock What treats fill Android Oreo? Plus video: A review

Android is receiving a massive upgrade and Google developers are promising a sweet threat, nicknaming the new operating system release as Android 8.0 Oreo. But what's in the middle of the OS named after the Nabisco cookie? Plus, a video review of its offerings.

August 22

Premium Lock It's Oreo: Android's new version gets a sweet name, too

An upcoming update to Google's Android software finally has a delectable name. The next version will be known as Oreo, extending Google's tradition of naming each version after a sweet treat. Plus: A video breakdown of the OS update's many features.

August 11

Premium Lock Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender dispute (+ videos)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has canceled an internal town hall meant to address gender discrimination on Thursday after employee questions for management began to leak online from the company's internal messaging service. Plus: Watch videos from Bloomberg and ABC about James Damore who was fired by Google but stands by his memo.

August 10

Premium Lock Google gender debacle speaks to tech culture wars, politics

Diversity  The Google engineer who blamed biological differences for the paucity of women in tech had every right to express his views. And Google likely had every right to fire him, workplace experts and lawyers say.

August 9

Premium Lock New players emerge to challenge Facebook and Google digital ad duopoly

E-Commerce Facebook and Google face increasing competition from two emerging rivals - Verizon combining resources under Oath and Amazon - says Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski.

Updated August 8

Premium Lock Google fires engineer in 'stereotype' memo dispute + Full text

Diversity  Google CEO Sundar Pichai denounced ta controversial memo about gender differences in an email on Monday for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" and said he was cutting short a vacation to hold a town hall with staff on Thursday. Plus: Read the full memo from the Google employee.

August 7

Premium Lock Inside the omnichannel: What's hot? What's working Who's winning?

ecommerce          Today's digital consumers increasingly dictate how, where and when they engage with content. Omnichannel is the new complexity, and it runs across advertising, marketing, sales and service. So what's working? Trending? Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski takes an in-depth look.

July 31

Premium Lock Go-to-market improvements invigorate Google Cloud momentum

Google Google's most recent earnings report shows that Investments across critical sales and support channels induce early growth for Google Cloud, amplifying executive confidence in the business' future, says Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath.

Updated July 26

Premium Lock Epic's new 'Fortnite' roll-out turns into a technical nightmare

Cary-based Epic Games launched early access to its eagerly anticipated "Fortnite" game on Monday - and immediately ran into server problems. Despite numerous posts from Epic on forums explaining what was happening as the roll-out turned into a day-long nightmare, fans weighed in with attacks - and praise.

Combat in Fortnite  Combat in Fortnite

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