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August 11

Google CEO Pichai cancels 'town hall' on gender dispute (+ videos)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has canceled an internal town hall meant to address gender discrimination on Thursday after employee questions for management began to leak online from the company's internal messaging service. Plus: Watch videos from Bloomberg and ABC about James Damore who was fired by Google but stands by his memo.

August 10

Google gender debacle speaks to tech culture wars, politics

Diversity  The Google engineer who blamed biological differences for the paucity of women in tech had every right to express his views. And Google likely had every right to fire him, workplace experts and lawyers say.

August 9

Premium Lock New players emerge to challenge Facebook and Google digital ad duopoly

E-Commerce Facebook and Google face increasing competition from two emerging rivals - Verizon combining resources under Oath and Amazon - says Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski.

Updated August 8

Google fires engineer in 'stereotype' memo dispute + Full text

Diversity  Google CEO Sundar Pichai denounced ta controversial memo about gender differences in an email on Monday for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" and said he was cutting short a vacation to hold a town hall with staff on Thursday. Plus: Read the full memo from the Google employee.

August 7

Premium Lock Inside the omnichannel: What's hot? What's working Who's winning?

ecommerce          Today's digital consumers increasingly dictate how, where and when they engage with content. Omnichannel is the new complexity, and it runs across advertising, marketing, sales and service. So what's working? Trending? Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski takes an in-depth look.

July 31

Premium Lock Go-to-market improvements invigorate Google Cloud momentum

Google Google's most recent earnings report shows that Investments across critical sales and support channels induce early growth for Google Cloud, amplifying executive confidence in the business' future, says Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath.

Updated July 26

Premium Lock Epic's new 'Fortnite' roll-out turns into a technical nightmare

Cary-based Epic Games launched early access to its eagerly anticipated "Fortnite" game on Monday - and immediately ran into server problems. Despite numerous posts from Epic on forums explaining what was happening as the roll-out turned into a day-long nightmare, fans weighed in with attacks - and praise.

Combat in Fortnite  Combat in Fortnite

Updated July 25

Premium Lock Alphabet still spells p-r-o-f-i-t-s despite $2.7B EU fine

Google Alphabet, the corporate parent of all things Google, continues to grow revenues despite a whopping $2.7 billion fine from the European Union. Technology Business Research Analyst Daniel Callahan takes a look at the profit-making machine.

July 21

Premium Lock Rocket Fuel sale highlights complexities of ad tech business models

E-Commerce After billions of dollars in venture capital investment and initial public offerings, a fragmented advertising technology (ad tech) sector is maturing and consolidating with new challengers rising to face Google, says Technology Business Research analyst Seth Ulinski.

July 19

Premium Lock Moody's: Tech giants Apple, Google Microsoft hoard $464 billion in cash

Looking for cash? All told, non-financial U.S. companies studied by Moody's hoarded $1.84 trillion of cash at the end of last year. That's up 11% from 2015 and nearly two and a half times the 2008 level.

June 30

Premium Lock Google conondrum: We can't live with it or without it

Google The Internet promised us a perfect market--that is, one where there are many buyers and sellers with full information who freely and effortlessly strike deals unfettered by rules and regulations. But did it also give us a perfect monopoly?

Updated June 27

Premium Lock EU fines Google a record $2.72B in antitrust case + Timeline

Google The European Union slapped a record $2.72 billion fine on internet giant Google on Tuesday for taking advantage of its dominance in online searches to direct customers to its own online shopping business. Plus: A timeline of the battle.

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