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9:06 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Software-driven services provide a lifeline for Cisco (+ video)

While corporate revenue continues to decline, Cisco Services' revenue recovers through software-driven services, says Technology Business Research Analyst Kelly Lesiczka after a review of Cisco's latest financials reported earlier this week.

8:38 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Cisco's CEO: 'Hair pinning' security won't work in new threat environment

Chuck Robbins In the wake of ongoing cyberattacks, highlighted recently by ransomware assaults, companies are being forced to pay more attention than ever - in dollars and intellectual capital - to fight back. Cisco sees an opportunity, stepping up its security offerings. And CEO Chuck Robbins warns that centralized solutions won't work in the days of IoT and cloud.

6:49 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: Financials reflect ongoing transition challenges (+ video)

Cisco's ongoing portfolio transition efforts support the recapture of growth in 2018 as clients increasingly seek next generation network solutions, says Technology Business Research Analyst Michael Soper.

Updated August 7

Premium Lock Cisco acknowledges cloud IT snafu; customers hit

Think the cloud is perfectly safe for all your data and apps? Hardly. The latest incident involves Cisco which is acknowledging an internal "erroneous policy" update at its Cisco Meraki company wiped out some customer data.

Updated July 25

Duke Energy joins firms a-to-x pledging to increase diversity, inclusion

Diversity  Who says fallout can't be positive rather than radioactive? Increasing corporate awareness no doubt triggered through sex and racial bias across the tech and venture capital industries as well as in reaction to various "bathroom bills" has led to efforts to address diversity and inclusion problems. Duke Energy is the latest corporate giant joining a new alliance that pledges to increase both.

Updated July 21

Premium Lock More to fear: 'Email compromise' attack a bigger threat than ransomware, Cisco says (+ video, tips to fight attacks)

Ransomware is a major story these days but there actually is a bigger threat confronting businesses and enterprises: Business email compromise attacks. So says tech giant Cisco in a new cybersecurity report. Plus, a new threat is emerging - "destruction of service" attacks which are linked to the growing Internet of Things universe.

Updated July 14

Premium Lock Here's why Cisco is acquiring a cloud security service firm (+ video)

Cisco, which operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP, is making another acquisition. The head of Cisco's M&A and venture investment team explains why it's buying Observable Networks. Plus: A video overview of Observable.

July 11

Premium Lock Inside the data center evolution - what's going on?

What are the latest trends, challenges and obstacles in the ever-evolving data infrastructure market? Technology Business Research Analyst Stephanie Long takes a look.

A Cisco C3260 model server A Cisco C3260 model server

Updated July 3

Premium Lock Report: Cloud hardware sales surge; Cisco's share climbs

In the cloud Sales in infrastructure hardware to support private and public cloud services are surging this year with Cisco cutting into the lead of Dell and HPE. In fact, cloud-related spending is going up while traditional non-cloud hardware spending is going down. What's happening? IDC explains.

June 30

Premium Lock IBM, Cisco: Cyber assault a 'wiper,' not ransomware (+ video)

A growing number of cybersecurity experts are reaching a consensus about the latest cyberassault that's hit companies worldwide: It's not a ransomware attack designed for financial gain. Rather, it's a "wiper" - a deliberate attempt to inflict sabotage through malware.

Updated June 12

Premium Lock Cisco earnings top expectations + a graphical view

Cisco's headquarters      "We delivered a strong Q2, and are managing the business extremely well in a challenging macro environment," says Chuck Robbins, Cisco chief executive officer. "We're managing the company on two fronts. We're focused on continued strong execution in the near term while investing in the innovation to lead our customers into the future."

June 8

Premium Lock Google, Cisco, SAP ramp up their IoT offerings

Internet of Things As the Internet of Things world continues to expand, analysts at Technology Business Research take an inside look at the latest IoT efforts at Google, Cisco and SAP.

Updated June 7

Premium Lock Report: Lenovo's server revenues, shipments plunge

Despite changes in management and sales strategy, Lenovo is not changing the trends in its sales and shipment numbers for its Triangle-based server business group, a new report shows.

Tracking server market share Tracking server market share

May 31

Premium Lock Cisco, IBM team up to tackle cybercrime plague (+ video)

Tech giants Cisco and IBM - both of which have a major presence in the Triangle - are joining forces to help businesses fight the growing threat of cybercrime. And a security intelligence website sees promise in the alliance.

Updated May 24

Premium Lock How to make sure your IoT project doesn't fail - Advice from Cisco

Internet of Things Cisco shook up the Internet of Things world on Tuesday with news that some 75 percent of IoT projects have or are failing, according to a global survey. The report made headlines around the world. But for those of you who are IoT project leaders and others wanting to pursue IoT, there is hope. Cisco offers tips on how to improve the survival chances of your project.

May 23

Premium Lock Cisco: Nearly 75% Internet of Things projects are failing

Despite all the hype about the Internet of Things transforming our world, a new survey finds that reality is quite different. According to a survey released at the Internet of Things World Forum, Cisco finds that most IoT projects are failing - for lots of reasons.

What's hurting IoT projects? What's hurting IoT projects?

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