(CIX: WRAL30)  1,172.86  down arrow-3.51  (-0.3 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: Apple)  96.96  down arrow-0.38  (-0.39 %)  Updated: 01:39 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NY: Q)  75.41  up arrow+1.33  (1.8 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(OP: BASFY)  79.02  up arrow+0.15  (0.19 %)  Updated: 01:33 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: BCRX)  3.01  down arrow-0.04  (-1.15 %)  Updated: 01:37 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: BDSI)  2.34  up arrow+0.01  (0.43 %)  Updated: 01:39 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: CEMP)  17.99  down arrow-0.01  (-0.06 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: Cisco)  30.77  down arrow-0.02  (-0.05 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: CREE)  28.68  down arrow-0.06  (-0.22 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: DARA)  0.88    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EST, Dec 04 2015
(NY: EMC)  28.46  down arrow-0.1  (-0.34 %)  Updated: 01:39 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: EXTR)  3.91  up arrow+0.02  (0.39 %)  Updated: 01:37 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: Facebook)  120.82  down arrow-0.81  (-0.67 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NY: GSK)  44.02  down arrow-0.02  (-0.06 %)  Updated: 01:39 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NQ: Alphabet)  736.36  down arrow-3.42  (-0.46 %)  Updated: 01:38 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016
(NY: IBM)  161.55  down arrow-1.1  (-0.67 %)  Updated: 01:39 PM EDT, Jul 26 2016

Posts tagged “Cisco”

July 1

Premium Lock Report: Lenovo, IBM, NetApp losing cloud IT market share

Cloud Network Cloud IT infrastructure spending continues to grow, but IBM, NetApp and Lenovo are not sharing in the growth, a new report shows. Cisco, Dell, EMC and HP all grew sales. So what's going on in the market?

Updated June 9

Premium Lock Tech links: Cisco shuffle; Chuck Robbins video; GSK arthritis drug; IBM exec on women in IT

High tech In today's wrapup of headlines on news impacting the Triangle tech community: Cisco's exec shuffle continues to generate headlines; Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins' video interview at Recode; GSK gets good news on an arthritis drug; and IBM's top IoT exec and Harriet Green on women in IT.

Updated June 7

Premium Lock Cisco's 2020 forecast: Faster nets driven by smartphones, IoT demand

Gaze into the Cisco crystal ball ... In less than four years, people worldwide will be using smartphones more than PCs while sending and receiving data at ever-faster speeds. Meanwhile, the Internet of Things explosion will mean more than three times the number of net-connected devices than humans.

Cisco: IoT to link billions more devices Cisco: IoT to link billions more devices

Updated June 7

Premium Lock Cisco's 'famed' product development team quits in 'messy shakeup'

Chuck Robbins  A reorganization disclosed last week among top management at Cisco apparently didn't sit well with what the Wall Street Journal calls the "famed product development team" at the tech giant. the four execs are quitting.

June 7

Premium Lock Hybrid IoT analytics from Cisco, IBM: It's a winner for customers

Analysis: In announcing an Internet of Things-focused analytics partnership, Cisco and IBM are putting together a winning program, says Technology Business Research Analyst Ezra Gottheil in an in-depth review.

IBM-Cisco's IoT pitch IBM-Cisco's IoT pitch

Updated June 2

Premium Lock IBM, Cisco take Watson IoT analytics to networks

IBM and Cisco will work jointly to take Watson supercomputer-powered analytics to devices linked to networks, thus providing real-time analysis of what's occurring across networks.

June 2

Premium Lock Inside IBM-Cisco IoT deal: Execs speak out from both firms

A big Internet of Things analytics partnership unites two of the Triangle's largest tech players: IBM and Cisco. In blog posts, executives from each firm spell out what they believe the deal means for enterprises looking to capitalize on Internet of Things opportunities.

IBM-Cisco's IoT pitch IBM-Cisco's IoT pitch

May 25

Premium Lock Tech links: IBM's cognitive dress; Cisco cloud phone; Watson on Twilio; GSK lung drug success; Lenovo Moto Z

In today's roundup of Tech Links, taking you to important stories affecting tech in the Triangle: Check out the "cognitive dress" designed in part by IBM's Watson; see a YouTube video about the fashion project; read about Cisco's cloud phone; find out about new Watson services for developers at Twilio, GSK gets good news on a potential lung drug; and Lenovo trademarks Moto Z.

May 23

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: Look for more acquisitions to drive cloud growth

Analysis: Expect Cisco to acquire hybrid cloud management and orchestration software and expand its hyperconverged solutions to effectively compete with HPE, Dell, EMC and Nutanix. So believe analysts Andrew Smith and Patrick Filkins at Technology Business Research break down what's happening inside Cisco in the last of a three-part review.

Updated May 20

Premium Lock Cisco tells NC employees: 'Extremely disappointed' in HB2

The top North Carolina executive for Cisco, which is one of the largest high-tech employers in Research Triangle Park with some 5,000 workers and contractors, holds a teleconference to discuss the controversial House Bill 2. Cisco says it is "extremely disappointed and concerned" about HB2.

Ed Paradise Ed Paradise

May 20

Premium Lock Tech links: 'Watson' at Moogest; free Cisco IoT training; AT&T connects cars; Red Hat bitcoin; Epic grants; China drug prices

High tech In today's tech Links roundup of news affecting Triangle companies: IBM's Watson at Moogfest; Cisco plans free IoT training online; AT&T links cars and data; Red Hat offers more details on its bitoin initiative; Epic Games awards $75,000 in grants; and China slashes prices for GSK, AstraZeneca drugs.

Updated May 19

Premium Lock Inside Cisco's earnings: Diversified portfolio enables growth

Cisco's headquarters      Analysis: Cisco's traditional core business of network hardware declines but growth in a diversified portfolio of offerings such as security and collaboration are enabling growth, says Technology Business Research analyst Patrick Filkins.

Techwire Inside Partners
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