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What does it take to build a national big data superhighway?

Mark Johnson MCNC Chief Technology Strategist Mark Johnson discusses the future of big data and the technology infrastructure needed to support modern science, offering key takeaways from the first National Research Platform (NRP) Workshop held this month in Montana.

2:15 p.m. yesterday

Premium Lock Verizon will build first responder network to compete with AT&T FirstNet

The Broadband Report       AT&T recently won a multi-billion dollar contract to build FirstNet, a network for first responders, but Verizon isn't conceding the market. The communications provider said Wednesday it would build its own network for emergency service providers.

Updated 9:48 a.m. Tuesday

AT&T fixed wireless Internet service launches in parts of rural Triangle

Wireless     AT&T is expanding its wireless broadband efforts across the Triangle, targeting rural and what it calls "underserved" areas.

August 10

Will streaming TV get crazy expensive in the future?

Streaming your entertainment If other media companies follow Disney (and HBO and CBS') lead, we could be up to our eyeballs in streaming subscriptions. That could get really expensive really fast.

August 3

Veteran exec Ed Carney succeeds Tom Rabon as MCNC chair

MCNC Ed Carney, a former Cisco and IBM executive who currently heads an Internet-of-Things startup, is the new chair of MCNC. He succeeds Tom Rabon, who led the board for five eyars and helped spearhead development of the first state-wide fiber optic network in NC.

July 31

Premium Lock AT&T discloses management changes as Time Warner deal nears close

The Broadband Report       AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner's media brands was announced in October 2016. The two companies expect the deal to receive regulatory approval and take effect by the end of the year. Now the management details are being put into place.

Updated July 26

Premium Lock AT&T improves value proposition despite increasing competition

AT&T                             AT&T is improving its value proposition as competition within the mobile and video markets intensify, says Technology Business Research Steve Vachon in his review of the tech giant's latest earnings report.

July 26

Premium Lock Software services, FirstNet likely to boost AT&T

AT&T deepens emphasis on the public sector and software-mediated network services to improve Business Solutions revenue. And FirstNet looks to be a boost as well, says Technology Business Research Analyst Steve Vachon.

FirstNet FirstNet

July 17

Premium Lock Venture capitalists call for 'Restoring Internet freedom'

The Broadband Report       In a letter to the FCC, the president of the National Venture Capital Association spells out the organizations' stand in the debate over "net neutrality." Writing on behalf of its members and entrepreneurs, the NVCA points out its "strong support for robust net neutrality rules that allow startups to compete on a level playing field."

July 13

Premium Lock ISPs surprise net neutrality fans on protest day (+ video)

AT&T says it supports an "open internet" and believes companies shouldn't block web content or slow down videos from other providers. Rather, AT&T says it merely opposes the FCC rules that set it in place. Comcast and Verizon joined AT&T in making that distinction. ISPs don't like the FCC's approach because it treats internet service as a utility and comes with more oversight. They worry about price regulation and say the rules hurt broadband investment.

July 12

Premium Lock Microsoft eyes buffer zone in TV airwaves for rural internet (+ video)

Microsoft wants to extend broadband services to rural America by turning to a wireless technology that uses the buffer zones separating individual television channels in the airwaves. A Microsoft exec explains the key points of the program. Plus: Watch a video overview about the initiative.

July 12

Premium Lock Behind the Valley's embrace of net neutrality: 'Free market for me, but not for thee'

Net Neutrality Today, a wide variety of people, companies and organizations - from the largest to smallest - are planning a protest in favor of "net neutrality" rules that the new Republican-led FCC opposes. International and widely known consultant John Strand of the Strand firm in the U.K., whose company has reported extensively about net neutrality on a global basis, offers his analysis of what's really going on: Silicon Valley traffics in the "free market for me, but not for thee" hypocrisy.

Updated July 11

Premium Lock Microsoft targets rural areas for new broadband service; NC not on first list

Microsoft is announcing plans today to expand broadband Internet services across rural areas of the U.S. through use of unused wireless spectrum known as "white space." However, North Carolina isn't among the first states set to receive the service.

Who has broadband access Who has broadband access

June 28

Premium Lock Report: Providers face sharp declines in demand for bundled TV services

The US is one of the most fragmented multiplay markets in the world, and the disruption of the traditional bundle is only going to get worse over the next five years, says global research firm Ovum.

Coming decline in bundled services Coming decline in bundled services

Updated June 26

Premium Lock AT&T launches wireless broadband for NC rural, 'underserved' areas + How to get the service

AT&T                             AT&T is expanding its fixed wireless broadband efforts across North Carolina and seven other states, targeting rural and what it calls "underserved" areas. Plus: How much the service costs and how to find out if you can get access.

June 23

Premium Lock Why doesn't 'do not call' list work? Plus: FCC's record $120M robocall fine

The Broadband Report       When the National Do Not Call list was first introduced in 2003, most companies abided by the rules. That meant you'd finally get some relief from those pesky phone calls that always seemed to interrupt dinner. Not so much now. Plus: FCC proposes $120M fine in robocall scheme.

June 20

Premium Lock Why world Wi-Fi day connects communities for the greater good

On the 20th World Wi-Fi Day, the CEO of Chicago-based Cambium Networks talks about the importance of spreading wireless Internet connectivity all around the world, not just in metro areas.

Wi-Fi at Mount Everest Wi-Fi at Mount Everest

June 14

Premium Lock Smart Gigabit Communities pitch event seeks to boost to NC innovation economy

A host of promising, emerging new startups are pitching for prizes and publicity at the Smart Gigabit Communities Reverse Pitch event in the Triad. Joel Bennett, a driving force behind the event. which is backed by North State, IBM, RIoT, the North Carolina Next Generation Network, has also put together a new investment club focused on startups. He talks about both in an exclusive interview.

IgniteNC GigaPitch IgniteNC GigaPitch

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