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What's at stake as US cedes Internet control? Plus: What is ICANN (video)

‚Äč On Saturday, the U.S. government plans to cede control of some of the Internet's core systems -- namely, the directories that help web browsers and apps know where to find the latest weather, maps and Facebook musings. ICANN takes over this oversight. But who is ICANN? Should you care about this issue?

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FCC delays vote on much-disputed rules on cable boxes

FCC        Federal regulators delayed a decision Thursday on requiring cable and satellite TV companies to make free apps to eliminate the need for cable boxes. The plan had generated a great deal of opposition.

2:32 p.m. Tuesday

Premium Lock Report: Broadband home Internet entertainment devices surge 11%

Broadband households' usage of Internet-connected entertainment devices has surged 11 percent so far in 2016, according to a new report.

What broadband homes use for in-home entertainment What broadband homes use for in-home entertainment

3:36 p.m. Monday

Corning Optical Communications adding 205 jobs in NC

Help wanted sign        Corning Optical Communications plans to add 205 jobs over the next five years at its facilities in Hickory and Winston-Salem.

5:30 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Internet control Q&A: What ICANN move means for net governance + video

"The timely completion of the transition [of several key Internet management functions] will help preserve the continued openness of the Internet by entrusting its oversight with those who have made the greatest investments in its extraordinary success so far - the volunteer-based multistakeholder community," says ICANN, the group assuming that control. Here's a Q&A and video to help explain what's happening.

September 23

Premium Lock Guest opinion: Why the free and open Internet had to die

#ProtectTheInternet Donald Trump's campaign says a government plan to give up managing key operations of the internet poses a threat of outside censorship of online information. But does it? No, says the group ICANN, which already administers key net functions, and others. But the debate continues, and a group continuing to speak out against the move is Americans for Limited Government, a Washington-based organization. Robert Romano, the group's senior editor, offers his analysis of what's happening.

Updated September 23

Premium Lock Is US really giving away Internet? Plus: Video ICANN tutorial

Donald Trump's campaign says a government plan to give up managing key operations of the internet poses a threat of outside censorship of online information. But does it? No, says the group ICANN, which already administers key net functions, and others. But the debate continues.

Updated September 23

Premium Lock AT&T-Google Fiber fiber fight gets nastier in utility pole case

AT&T GigaPower       Having lost a fight with the city of Nashville over hanging fiber on utility poles, AT&T has filed suit seeking to stop the so-called "One Touch" ordinance. A similar battle is being waged in Louisville.

Updated September 23

A Google Fellow's story: Bridging Triangle's digital divide

The Triangle Literacy Council, working with the Google Fiber Digital Inclusion fellowship program, is helping Triangle seniors master the Internet. Google Fiber Fellow James Butts takes readers inside this effort to help bridge the digital divide.

James Butts works with some cyber seniors James Butts works with some cyber seniors

Updated September 21

'AirGig:' AT&T testing power grid for multi-gigabit Internet (+ video)

AT&T says it is developing a wireless alternative to expensive, high-speed fiber networks that would utilize power lines to deliver high-speed Internet into your home. The communications giant says "Project AirGig" is a "breakthrough" - and the technology is patented.

September 20

Wilson's city council pulling plug on Pinetop fiber expansion

Greenlight The City of Wilson has decided not to appeal a recent court decision striking down the FCC's move to override a North Carolina law on municipal broadband. As a result, the city council has decided to shut down its expansion into nearby Pinetops.

September 19

Premium Lock Internet service firm NeoNova CEO leaves; COO takes over

Ray Carey, CEO of Raleigh-based Internet services firm NeoNova, has left the firm. Jason McGinnis, who was named chief operating officer a year ago, takes over as company president.

Jason McGinnis Jason McGinnis

September 19

Premium Lock Report: Streaming markets to more than double by 2021

The Broadband Report       Cord cutters, cord shavers, and those wanting "skinny content" packages will drive streaming video service revenues to nearly $35 billion within five years - more than double 2016 totals - according to a new report from Juniper Research. Plus: Get the definitions for emerging demands in the online entertainment boom.

Updated September 13

Google Fiber goes 'live' in Morrisville; more Triangle access coming

Google Fiber will begin taking orders for its ultra-fast Internet service Tuesday morning in Morrisville. It's the launch point for the network with more coverage across the Triangle expected to be announced shortly, the company says.

Google Fiber goes "live" in Morrisville Google Fiber goes "live" in Morrisville

September 12

Premium Lock Changing tires while going downhill - The challenge of comm tech changes

The Broadband Report       Analysis: Implementing all the changes hitting tech companies in communications technology "is akin to changing the wheels on the bus when it is moving full speed down a mountain pass," says Technology Business Research analyst Michael Sullivan-Trainor.

Updated September 9

Premium Lock Nashville OKs Google Fiber-backed utility pole ordinance

The Broadband Report       The Nashville and Metro Council have given preliminary approval to an ordinance that Google Fiber says will accelerate deployment of fiber in the Tennessee city.

September 9

So long cable box? FCC rules may allow you to use apps instead (+ rule highlights)

FCC        The Federal Communications Commission has a plan to make cable companies provide apps that could be used on devices made by tech companies like maybe Roku or Apple. It says Americans spend billions each year renting boxes and believes there is a better way. (Plus: See highlights of the FCC proposal.)

Updated September 6

AT&T, Qualcomm to test controlling drones over cell network

Drone deliveries to your house or business may have become more likely today with news that AT&T and chip maker Qualcomm are going to test controlling drones over AT&T's cell network.

Updated September 2

Premium Lock Fiber war! Google Fiber to AT&T: 'Consumers want a choice'

Only hours after an AT&T executive ridiculed Google Fiber's challenges in rolling out a fiber network, GF responds with a blog of its own about the broadband battle currently underway in Nashville. GF is lobbying to speed up the permitting process for hanging fiber. GF also makes clear that consumers want "choice" among providers.

Google Fiber wants change in Nashville Google Fiber wants change in Nashville

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