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Source: Google still investing heavily in fiber despite job cuts report

Google Fiber went "live" in parts of Charlotte earlier this week, reflecting the Internet giant's continuing commitment to its network despite acknowledged heavy losses. While the company isn't talking on the record about a report it's cutting 50 percent of the Google Fiber work force, WRAL TechWire is told that Google is still chasing what it sees as a huge market opportunity.

Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City

8:36 a.m. today

WRAL apps for Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV 'set new standard' for OTT (+ video)

A leader in new and innovative technologies, WRAL added to its portfolio of over-the-top (OTT) apps with the launch of a feature-rich app for Apple TV.

WRAL's OTT app WRAL's OTT app

Updated August 19

Generation app gap: Millennials' tech embrace dwarfs boomers, Xers

Baby boomers and Generation Xers don't even come close to the collective embrace of technology by millennials, a new survey shows. While the older folks aren't exactly Luddites, millennials are more ready for a brave new world of apps, streaming, and the shared economy.

The app generation gap The app generation gap

August 17

Premium Lock Think tank protests fed's decision to cede Internet control to ICANN

The Broadband Report       The Obama Administration has decided to proceed with plans to privatize Internet governance, but a Washington-based think tank says the move is an "illegal, unconstitutional giveaway."

August 17

Google Fiber names 2 Digital Inclusion fellows for Triangle

Digital Inclusion Fellowship Google Fiber and the Nonprofit Technology Network have named two recipients for their Digital Inclusion Fellowship program in the Triangle.

Updated August 17

Premium Lock Sources: Google Fiber still burying cable across Triangle

Despite reported delays elsewhere, Google Fiber is still on its way to RTP. Sources involved in Google Fiber's Triangle project say the digging and installing of cable continues in what the company boasts is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever taken in the Triangle. And it's not cheap.

Google Fiber going in the ground in Triangle Google Fiber going in the ground in Triangle

August 15

Premium Lock Report: 4K TV, video market rapidly growing; 8K coming

Ultra-high definition TVs and videos are growing increasingly popular in the U.S., according to a new report fro Juniper Research. However, a lack of content is delaying even-faster growth. By the way, 8K is coming, too.

WRAL embraces 4K broadcasting WRAL embraces 4K broadcasting

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Premium Lock Google Fiber: Network 'one of biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken' in RTP

In response to a series of questions about Google Fiber's plans for the Triangle, a spokesperson doesn't have much to say. But the statement is an eye-opener. GF says its proposal to test the Triangle for high-speed wireless Internet access doesn't mean a lessening of its Triangle commitment. Google Fiber targets the Triangle as one of the metro areas where it is asking the FCC for permission to test a wireless system as a means to provide ultra-fast Internet service.

GoogleFiber offices in Triangle GoogleFiber offices in Triangle

August 12

FCC court loss could unplug Edgecombe County town from broadband (+ video)

Greenlight A federal court ruling that upholds a North Carolina law restricting the ability of local governments to provide high-speed Internet service could disconnect hundreds of people in Pinetops.

Updated August 11

Google Fiber targets Triangle for ultra-fast wireless Internet tests

Google Fiber targets the Triangle as one of the metro areas where it is asking the FCC for permission to test a wireless system as a means to provide ultra-fast Internet service.

Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City Google Fiber installer vans in Queen City

Updated August 11

NC prevails in court fight vs. FCC over municipal broadband law

FCC        North Carolina and other states can regulate municipal broadband networks, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. The decision strikes down a move to block such legislation by the Federal Communications Commission last year.

August 9

Premium Lock Report: Insurance policies driving smarthome IoT device growth

Home owners with broadband are increasingly likely to own smarthome devices connected to the Internet of Things, says a new report. And insurance policies are a big reason.

IOT grows in smarthomes IOT grows in smarthomes

Updated August 8

Premium Lock Inside AT&T: How does communications giant grow revenue?

The Broadband Report       Analysis: After reviewing AT&T's latest financial results, Technology Business Research Analyst Steve Vachon points out that growing revenue is becoming a greater challenge.

Updated August 5

Want ultra-fast Internet service? AT&T offers another service locator map

A new interactive map from AT&T shows where apartment and condo residents can receive ultra-fast Internet access. The map joins an earlier offering that tells home owners and renters if service is available for specific addresses.

AT&T's new GigaPower locator map AT&T's new GigaPower locator map

August 4

Tesla losses mount; Time Warner-Hulu deal; Nobel winner dies; Nokia losses; Siemens surges

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Tesla's losses mount; Time Warner invests in Hulu; Nobel Prize winner dies; Nokia takes a loss; and Siemens orders surge.

July 22

Premium Lock MCNC revenue grows, sets goal of all time high broadband connectivity

MCNC MCNC, the non-profit operator of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), says that as it starts a new fiscal year with growing revenue and employee base it is ready to bring broadband connectivity levels in the state to all-time highs.

Updated July 19

Premium Lock Report: As consumers building own video bundles, cable firms suffer

A new report finds that consumers are becoming more comfortable building their own bundles of video services. That's bad news for traditional cable companies.

Cable penetration in top 10 markets Cable penetration in top 10 markets

Updated July 18

Premium Lock Why rural internet access matters to both urban and rural communities

High speed internet access improves lives and has a positive impact on the economy, education and healthcare, according to recently released research.

Updated July 15

Premium Lock AT&T, CommScope, Verizon join 5G group; feds pledge $400M to wireless effort

Wasting no time in capitalizing on new FCC rules designed to free up spectrum for high-speed wireless, the Obama administration is pledging $400 million to drive 5G research. An industry consortium is lining up private sector partners for the effort.

July 14

Premium Lock Industry praises FCC after opening spectrum for 5G

Often at odds with the FCC over such debates as "net neutrality," communications giants AT&T and Verizon as well as two industry groups had only words of praise with the fed regulatory agency after it voted to open up spectrum for the next generation of wireless communications: 5G.

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