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(NQ: Apple)  519.01  up arrow+1.05  (0.2 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EDT, Apr 16 2014
(NY: QUINTILES)  50.60    (0 %)  Updated: 06:40 PM EDT, Apr 16 2014
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1:22 p.m. yesterday

Raleigh signs on to AT&T ultra-fast Internet plan

The Raleigh City Council on Wednesday authorized the city manager and attorney to contract with AT&T to bring the communications provider's next-generation internet and cable service to local residents.

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

Updated 7:21 a.m. yesterday

Wake Forest is test bed for gigabit internet

RST Fiber began installing the fiber Tuesday that the company says will bring internet speeds up to 100 times faster than cable to Triangle-area homes.

RST network map RST network map

5:37 a.m. Tuesday

Drone wars? Like Facebook, Google acquires a drone maker

Drones to deliver Internet access Both Google and Facebook have launched ambitious projects that aim to get everyone on the planet online. Google's Project Loon sends giant balloons bearing Internet-beaming antennas into the stratosphere. Facebook, meanwhile, leads, a coalition of companies that wants to get everyone in the world access to basic Internet service.

5:24 a.m. Tuesday

Netflix's Comcast streaming deal improves quality of video

Netflix Netflix's videos are streaming through Comcast's Internet service at their highest speeds in 17 months, thanks to a recent deal that bought Netflix a more direct connection to Comcast's network. The data released Monday by Netflix Inc. may become another flash point in a debate about whether the Federal Communications Commission should draw up new rules to ensure that all online content providers are treated the same by Internet service providers.

Updated 7:37 a.m. Monday

The Broadband Report: It was one 'gigafied' week

The Broadband Report  Broadband discussions were plentiful at national events held last week in Denver and Austin. MCNC President and CEO Joe Freddoso talks about his travels and how the country's future relies on gigabit infrastructure.

5:44 a.m. Monday

Week in review: The 21 latest headlines from WRALTechWire

Week in review A look back at technology, life science and other related news as reported in WRAL Tech Wire last week.

Updated April 10

Triangle ultra-fast Internet group backs AT&T plan

The race to be first to bring gigabit-speed Internet access across the Triangle and Triad may be won by AT&T, not Time Warner Cable or Google Fiber. The North Carolina Next Generation Network consortium says it is recommending that six city governments approve AT&T's proposal. However, the group is not precluding other companies from the project.

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

April 10

NCNGN issues full statement about AT&T network proposal

NC NGN Early Thursday, the North Carolina Next Generation Network consortium issued a full statement explaining why it is recommending that six cities in the Triangle and the Triad "enthusiastically approved" support for AT&T's proposal to create an ultra-fast Internet network for the region.

April 8

Comcast argues Time Warner Cable takeover will help consumers

Comcast pursues Time Warner Cable Comcast says the $45 billion takeover will allow it to boost Internet speeds for Time Warner Cable Inc. customers, provide better video on demand service and broaden its commitment to "Net neutrality" -- the idea that Internet providers should not discriminate against web traffic.

Updated April 7

Internet2 to unveil electric vehicles for 'Internet of Things' projects

The Broadband Report: Internet2 will launch a university-based initiative in conjunction with Innova UEV Inc. this week in Denver to provide four unique data-gathering electric vehicles to campuses across the country.

Driving the Internet of Things  Driving the Internet of Things

Updated April 4

AT&T highlights network investments in North Carolina

AT&T AT&T said Friday that between 2011 and 2013, wireless and wireline investments in Durham and Chapel Hill totaled more than $90 million with more than $1.6 billion spent all across North Carolina networks.

Updated April 3

Amazon in your living room? Giant unveils $99 TV streaming device

Amazon The company says its $99 Amazon Fire TV device has better speed, performance and search functions than other streaming services such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

March 31

World leaders say broadband can solve global development gap

World Leaders The Broadband Report: The Broadband Commission for Digital Development said last week that access to broadband could be the universal catalyst that lifts developing countries out of poverty and puts access to health care, education and basic social services within the reach of all.

Updated March 29

Premium Lock Raleigh-based Internet service tools provider NeoNova is sold

NeoNova The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative acquires privately held NeoNova, which works with telecom companies to provide a variety of Internet services.

Updated March 29

Premium Lock ExitEvent news: High speed Internet is a modern gold rush

ExitEvent ExitEvent and WRALTechWire will be cooperating in presenting news about the region's entrepreneurial sector. Today, entrepreneur Jivan Achreja offers his analysis on what Google Fiber could mean to the Triangle.

Updated March 28

Beam me my Internet: Facebook launches net everywhere drive

"Today, we're sharing some details of the work Facebook's Connectivity Lab is doing to build drones, satellites and lasers to deliver the internet to everyone," says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And Facebook is hiring to support the effort, including two open jobs at its North Carolina data center.

Drones to deliver Internet access Drones to deliver Internet access

Updated March 26

Premium Lock CommScope shares rally after drop 5% triggered when biggest investor moves to sell 10% of shares

CommScope's HQ After a 15 percent surge in share price last week, investors in CommScope were hit by a 5 percent drop Tuesday after the biggest investor in the networking technology firm moved to sell 10 percent of its holdings.

March 24

FCC looks to have E-Rate reforms done by fall

The Broadband Report  The Broadband Report: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said last week the commission will vote to modernize E-Rate by this fall as pressure mounts from elected officials and service providers to mayors and educators throughout the country.

March 21

You want cloud services where? No problem, says NeoNova

The Raleigh-based company continues to grow. This latest deal with OTZ Telephone helps break the digital divide by bringing 21st century cloud-based technologies to a remote cooperative 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

NeoNova NeoNova

March 20

TWC execs set to get $135M 'golden parachute' in Comcast deal

Comcast Departing Time Warner Cable executives are in line to receive compensation totaling around $135 million as part of Comcast's $45 billion acquisition.

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