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7:05 a.m. Monday

Net neutrality: The Republican view at the FCC

The Broadband Report      The issue of "net neutrality," or Internet regulation as advocated by President Obama continues to divide the FCC. Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, a Democrat appointed by the President, is trying to find a middle road on Internet oversight after a previous attempt was struck down in the courts. But he has warned that the 'big dogs" - service providers such as AT&T and Time Warner Cable, are likely to sue no matter what the FCC proposes. In a speech last week to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;s Telecom and Ecommerce Committee, Republican Commissioner Michael O'Reilly spelled out his views.

6:50 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Now in 43 states, NeoNova continues to grow

NeoNova The cloud-services provider named three new customers on Monday that now expands the Raleigh-based company's reach in 43 states throughout the country.

6:45 a.m. Monday

2014 Gift Guide: Three ways to watch streaming video on TV

Even casual viewers of online video will appreciate the ability to watch it on a big-screen TV. For about $100, you can get a great streaming TV device to do that. Or for about a third of that, you can get a pretty good one. Content selection varies, but all offer such basics as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. After trying out 10 streaming devices, Associated Press technology writer Anick Jesdanun has three recommendations and an honorable mention.

Digital Life-Gift Guide-Streaming TV Players Digital Life-Gift Guide-Streaming TV Players

November 21

Premium Lock FCC: 'Big dogs' will sue any new net neutrality rules

FCC Not only is the FCC pushing back any new "net neutrality" guidelines but the chair warns that "big dogs are going to sue regardless of what comes out." That's hardly good news for backers of the N.C. Next Generation Network, which is to be built by AT&T. Fiber projects are already on hold at the telecom giant, and now the net neutrality debate is extending into sometime next year. What's this mean for NCNGN? Does this open the door for Google Fiber?

Updated November 20

Premium Lock Inside Cisco: A top exec lays out transition to services, adjusting work force

Cisco's campus on Kit Road in RTP Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers is transforming the hardware-focused networking gear giant into what he wants to be the world's No. 1 "full IT" company. That means offering more services. And the executive leading that transition tells an investors conference how Cisco is creating a services-oriented workforce. Cisco has laid off thousands of workers over the past two years but has continued to hire in service-oriented areas and in new efforts such as its "Intercloud." So What did Edzard Overbeek have to say?

Updated November 18

FCC chair wants phone fee hike to expand schools' Internet access

Fiber optic network                 The U.S. should spend $1.5 billion more a year to make sure every child has access to high-speed Internet connections at school, the head of the Federal Communications Commission said Monday in a proposal endorsed by the Obama administration that would increase slightly the fees consumers pay each month on their phone bills. Two republican FCC members indicate they oppose the move.

Updated November 17

Premium Lock A resurgence in core business fuels Cisco's return to revenue growth

Cisco's campus on Kit Road in RTP Analysis: While the service provider and emerging market headwinds will persist for the next several quarters, TBR expects Cisco's revenue growth to accelerate in 4Q14, reaching midsingle digits due to momentum in Switching and continued growth in key segments such as Services, Security and Data Center.

November 17

FCC's rural broadband experiments draw national attention

The Broadband Report      The Broadband Report: The FCC's experiment on exploring how to expand robust broadband in rural America in the most cost-effective way has attracted nearly $885 million worth of projects across the country.

November 14

FCC wants AT&T to explain 'pause' in fiber deployments

FCC The FCC has sent a letter to AT&T seeking more information about CEO Randal Stephenson's declared "pause" in fiber network deployments due to concerns about Internet regulation.

Updated November 14

Premium Lock Memo to broadband CEOs: Get your fiber in ground, sell like crazy - that's the American away

Who is better to weigh in on the "net neutrality" debate than an executive with plenty of network experience? That's why WRAL TechWire reached out to Joe Freddoso, former CEO at MCNC which built the state-wide N.C. Research and Education Network, to share his thoughts after President Obama re-ignited the Internet regulation debate earlier this week. Build and sell, Freddoso says.

Joe Freddoso Joe Freddoso

Updated November 14

Despite pause, AT&T to 'continue working' with NC Next Generation Network

North Carolina AT&T President Venessa Harrison says the company will "continue working" with the ultra-fast North Carolina Next Generation Network project even though the telecommunications giant has put a "pause" on fiber projects. NCNGN also reaffirms its commitment to AT&T.

Venessa Harrison Venessa Harrison

Updated November 13

Premium Lock Frontier's top exec blasts 'net neutrality instigators'

Maggie Wilderotter, chairman and CEO at Frontier Communications, is very critical of renewed calls for "net neutrality" in the ongoing Internet access debate. "The Internet, which has thrived under a light touch regulatory approach, will stagnate under a regime developed for monopoly common carrier providers," she warns. Frontier is building out a fiber network in Durham and Durham County.

Maggie Wilderotter Maggie Wilderotter

Updated November 13

Is NC Next Generation Network in jeopardy? No one's talking

An event discussing the impact of gigabit Internet access on the Triangle sponsored by AT&T is still a "go" for Thursday, but whether the communications giant will proceed with the North Carolina Next Generation Network and other fiber projects in the Triangle is not clear after AT&T's CEO announced a "pause" in deployments. No one involved will comment specifically. Will AT&T's delay impact Google Fiber's decision making?

Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP Service area as spelled out for NC NGN in RFP

Updated November 13

CEO: AT&T to delay fiber networks over Internet rules dispute

Fiber optic network                 AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says the telecommunications giant will not roll out ultra-fast Internet access in some 100 cities due to the debate over Internet regulation. Several cities in the Triangle as well as the North Carolina Next Generation Network are on AT&T's fiber-optic deployment list. AT&T won't comment on possible Triangle impact.

November 11

Obama's stand inflames divisive debate on 'net neutrality'

Let's say President Barack Obama gets his way and high-speed Internet service providers are governed by the same U.S. regulations imposed on telephone companies 80 years ago. Depending on whom you listen to, the rules could unleash future innovation and create jobs -- or stifle innovation and kill jobs. The divisive and often confusing debate has intensified now that Obama has entered the fray. The AP takes an in-depth view of the issue.

President Obama and Tom Wheeler President Obama and Tom Wheeler

November 11

Obama calls for tougher Internet regulation from FCC

Fiber optic network                 President Barack Obama on Monday embraced a radical change in how the government treats Internet service, coming down on the side of consumer activists who fear slower download speeds and higher costs but angering Republicans and the nation's cable giants who say the plan would kill jobs.

Updated November 5

MCNC names Commerce executive as its new CEO

Jean Davis, a senior executive at the North Carolina Department of Commerce, is the new chief executive officer at MCNC. She will take over the organization that operates the statewide North Carolina Research and Education Network on Nov. 17.

Jean Davis  Jean Davis

Updated November 5

Premium Lock A Starbucks offers Durham Bulls fans a preview of fast Wi-Fi to come

Come next spring, fans at Durham Bulls games can expect super Wi-Fi access powered at gigabit capacity from Frontier Networks. Capitol Broadcasting CEO Jim Goodmon has a vision for Wi-Fi powering just about everything fans want to do, expect hit fourth in the batting order. Maybe virtually? Well, anyway, a Starbucks in Kansas City shows what's coming to the Bull City. Here's a look.

Google's "community room" with gigabit access Google's "community room" with gigabit access

Updated November 4

Premium Lock Cloud burst! Cisco's explosive data growth report shows why 'cloud' is so hot

If you were wondering why Red Hat, IBM, Cisco, NetApp and so many other tech firms are so enthralled with "cloud" computing, just follow the data. Cisco's latest "Global Cloud Index" report forecasts hosted data will nearly triple over the next four years to more than 8.6 zettabytes per month. And most of that is going to the cloud, not traditional data centers.

Soaring data growth forecast from Cisco Soaring data growth forecast from Cisco

Updated November 3

Premium Lock Inside Alcatel: Restructuring 'Shift Plan' boosting margins, but ...

Fiber optic network                 Alcatel-Lucent's Shift Plan is delivering on its promise of margin growth, writes analyst Michael Soper of Technology Business Research. However, revenue did contract in the most recent quarter, but TBR explains why that's not a concern.

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