6:51 a.m. today

Cost of progress: Gas, water lines cut, holes left behind in fiber installation

Cut water lines, no power, gas leaks - these are just some of the issues that homeowners across the Triangle have reported as more and more communities upgrade to offer faster internet speeds using fiber optic cable.

Laying fiber Laying fiber

Updated 2:08 p.m. yesterday

Premium Lock Report: Pay TV subscribers shrink; streaming services, antenna-only households grow

You may be surprised to find out that the number of antenna-only households for TV service in the U.S. is growing. So, too, are Internet streaming subscribers. Suffering the consequences? A drop in pay TV subscriptions, says a new report.

Antenna-only households grow Antenna-only households grow

9:30 a.m. Tuesday

First customer signs on for fiber Internet in Holly Springs

Fiber optic network                      "Crazy fast fiber Internet" as Ting describes its service goes "live" today in Holly Springs with its first residential customer.

Updated 7:38 a.m. Monday

Premium Lock Real IoT: In-home Wi-Fi demand surges as users link more devices

More than 70 percent of households with broadband access now utilize in-home Wi-Fi, and the availability of fast connectivity is encouraging users to link more devices than ever, says Parks Associates.

Wi-Fi at home means more devices Wi-Fi at home means more devices

January 12

FCC's expected chief dismisses report challenging free data plans

The Broadband Report       Ajit Pai, the FCC commissioner expected to be named the group's chairman by President-elect Donald Trump, dismisses a new FCC report that says big carrier free data plans violate "net neutrality."

January 9

Premium Lock Report: WhatsApp, other voice, messaging services slice networks' revenue

The Broadband Report       As more and more people shift to alternative messaging and voice services such as WahtsApp, big network providers are suffering a big drop in service-related revenues, a new report says. But there are ways to fight back.

January 4

Trials show 5G wireless technology coming closer to reality

As the Internet of Things sweeps the world with the 50th CES Show at Las Vegas clearly showing just how high-tech the world is becoming, the biggest news so far is the advances being made in 5G wireless. With field trials coming later this year, the days of a truly networked society are coming closer.

January 3

Premium Lock Bandwidth.com's David Morken joins Trump FCC transition team

David Morken, a co-founder of Bandwidth.com and Republic Wireless which recently spun out from Bandwidth, is the newest member of the FCC transition team selected by the incoming Trump administration. And he steps into a hot debate: Whether to repeal "net neutrality."

David Morken  David Morken

Updated December 20, 2016

Premium Lock Raleigh startup offers app to help consumers cut cable/satellite 'cords'

Raleigh startup Mohu, which is best known for selling a variety of high-definition TV antennas, is rolling out a new app to help consumers decide whether to "cut the cord" on satellite and cable TV.

Cord cutting Cord cutting

December 19, 2016

Premium Lock FCC Chair Wheeler touts achievements ahead of resignation

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who has been deeply involved in North Carolina broadband issues as well as so-called "net neutrality," says he is proud of the work the agency has done ahead of his resignation next month.

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler FCC Chair Tom Wheeler

Updated December 15, 2016

Premium Lock Valencell tapping into hot market for biometric sensor tech

Back in 2006 .
when Steven LeBoeuf, Ph.D, and his three co-founders started Valencell, which makes biometric sensor technology widely in demand now, it was "A leap of faith" then.

Valencell makes the tech inside many wearables. Valencell makes the tech inside many wearables.

Updated December 8, 2016

Premium Lock Senators grill AT&T, Time Warner execs: Will merger mean lower prices?

Senators questioning the logic of a proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner turned their focus to the nickels and dimes of the issue, at least as to how the $85.4 billion mega-deal would affect Americans. OK, you say this huge merger will enhance, not quash, competition and benefit consumers. Will it actually reduce prices that consumers pay?

Defending proposed merger Defending proposed merger

December 5, 2016

Premium Lock Charlotte-based FairPoint Communications sold in $1.5B deal

FairPoint Charlotte-based FairPoint Communications acquired by Consolidated in $1.5 billion deal.

December 5, 2016

Premium Lock IoT is emerging as newest target for T-Mobile

The Broadband Report       Analysis: T-Mobile is positioning itself to take its Un-carrier movement to the IoT realm, says analyst Steve Vachon of Technology Business Research.

Updated December 2, 2016

Premium Lock  FCC: AT&T, Verizon shouldn't exempt own apps from data caps

FCC        U.S. regulators are calling out AT&T and Verizon for exempting their own video apps from data caps on customers' cellphones.

December 2, 2016

Premium Lock What to stream? How DirecTV Now compares to other online TV services

DirecTV app DirecTV Now is the latest online TV service to offer an alternative to cable or satellite packages that can easily cost about $100 a month. Here's a sampling of the increasing variety in streaming services.

December 1, 2016

Premium Lock Netflix matches Amazon, YouTube downloading features

Netflix  The long-awaited offline option announced Wednesday gives Netflix's 87 million subscribers offline access to videos for the first time in the streaming service's decade-long history.

Updated November 29, 2016

Premium Lock AT&T kicks off DirecTV streaming service Nov. 30

AT&T's new video streaming service, creatively dubbed DirecTV Now, will launch Nov. 30, the communications giant says.

November 28, 2016

Premium Lock Analysis: 10 regulatory challenges that impact telecom operators and regulators.

The Broadband Report       The trends of convergence have been with us for decades. While communications, content, and computing have been converging--and even the regulators of these industries--the actual regulation has not converged, and remains sector specific. Telecom regulators and competition authorities are challenged by these technological trends. Here's why in the view of U.K.-based Strand Consulting.

November 21, 2016

Premium Lock Verizon, AT&T deepening IoT plays with telematics

The Broadband Report       Verizon and AT&T are moving deeper into the Internet of Things through telematics as recent deals with John Deere and a large shipping management firm demonstrate.

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