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Updated June 7, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T will take orders for iPhone 4 as of June 15, sets prices as low as $199

AT&T If you're a current AT&T subscriber, the company applies a secret formula to determine if you're eligible for the new-subscriber price. If you're not, you'll pay $399 for the cheaper phone or $499 for the one with more storage

June 7, 2010

Premium Lock Glitch hampers Jobs’ iPhone 4 show: ‘Well jeez, I don’t like this’

Steve Jobs works his new iPhone. Apple’s CEO asked bloggers and other people in the room to turn off their wireless connections and put their computers on the floor. "I think bloggers have a right to blog, but if we want to see the demos we're going to have to do it," he said.

June 2, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T offers carrot-and-stick approach to data users with new plans

AT&T Ahead of new iPhone launch, AT&T rolls out new lower price plans with caps on usage. Subscribers who use little data or learn to limit their consumption will pay slightly less every month than they do now, while heavy users will be dinged with extra consumption fees.

June 2, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T revamps wireless data plans, including lower prices with usage caps

AT&T revamps data plans Use of iPhones as a broadband connection for other devices – a service called tethering – will be introduced when Apple updates iPhone operating system.

May 25, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T digital phone service fails across 22-state service area

AT&T The communications giant says service for its U-Verse Voice offering went down for several hours Tuesday. AT&T covers much of North Carolina.

Updated April 22, 2010

Premium Lock Is high-tech sector recovering? Financials look strong

Tech earnings A recap of selected technology firms, including Red Hat, Cree and IBM, indicates corporate spending is on the rebound. On telecom side, indicators aren’t as good.

Updated April 21, 2010

Premium Lock Bad sign for AT&T in earnings update: Fewer new contract customers

AT&T Number of new wireless customers plunges 43 percent from a year ago to 512,000. Analysts had expected 600,000 additions.

April 21, 2010

Premium Lock Earnings: AT&T profit falls; EMC profit soars

EMC Healthcare costs drive down AT&T's earnings, and revenue is flat. At EMC, the data storage firm beats Street expectations.

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Updated April 20, 2010

Premium Lock Earnings preview: AT&T reportedly adds more than 600,000 customers

AT&T For the first time, the communications giant will break out subscriber figures for non-phone devices like e-readers and GPS units with wireless service. That category is expected to grow explosively.

April 19, 2010

Premium Lock Earnings preview: Analysts on lookout for Apple iPhone deal

Apple earnings due Tuesday. (AP) Apple announces quarterly earnings on Tuesday, but buzz centers on another question: Will Apple add Verizon as an iPhone carrier?

Updated April 6, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T to invest $1 billion for network expansion, upgrades

AT&T upgrading network Global plan calls for upgraded and expanded services with an emphasis on mobility, cloud computing and small businesses. Company also says it will increase download speeds for Internet services in many of its markets across 22 states.

Updated March 30, 2010

Premium Lock Reports of new iPhone send Apple shares to record high

iPhone Report in Wall Street Journal says Apple is planning to offer iPhones to other carriers, other networks than AT&T

Updated March 24, 2010

Premium Lock AT&T rolling out in-home wireless voice, data service nationwide

AT&T The Carolinas have been trial markets since September. The so-called “femtocell” devices developed with Cisco can be purchased at AT&T stores.

March 24, 2010

Premium Lock As Sprint prepares for video calls, wireless execs seek more bandwidth

At CTIA Wireless trade show, Sprint’s CEO unveils a video-equipped phone for its faster 4G network. Meanwhile, network executives call on government to increase availability of wireless spectrum.

Sprint CEO introduces 4G phone. Sprint CEO introduces 4G phone.

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