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Updated May 16

Beating 'ransomware:' How Durham auto parts firm won its battle

Auto parts manufacturer AW North Carolina turns to AT&T for help when its own enterprise network came under attack through "ransomware." The AW case serves as an example of how companies can defeat such attacks as the "Wannacry" global onslaught over the past several days. In an exclusive interview, the GM for AW North Carolina talks about how his firm fought back - and won.

A transmission made by AW of NC A transmission made by AW of NC

Updated May 12

Premium Lock 5G bidding war: Verizon tops AT&T for Straight Path

The Broadband Report       Verizon has won a bidding war with AT&T for Virginia-based Straight Path, a major holder of wireless spectrum. The deal is seen as part of Verizon's strategy to offer next-generation 5G wireless broadband services.

Updated April 28

Premium Lock Venessa Harrison: The journey from operator to president AT&T North Carolina

Born in Raleigh to a family that included 10 children, Venessa Harrison rose through the corporate ranks at AT&T to become president of the communication giant's operations in North Carolina. A champion for her native state, she pushed for early deployment of AT&T fiber, helped land the North Carolina Next Generation Network, and now is pushing broadband access for all communities in the firm's service area. For her efforts, Harrison is one of the first five people named to WRAL TechWire's Hall of Fame. Here's an in-depth Q&A about her life, career, memories and challenges.

Updated April 27

Premium Lock First WRAL TechWire Hall of Famers: Five pillars of NC's tech success

The first five recipients of WRAL TechWire's Hall of Fame honors for lifetime achievement are well-known contributors to the growing, evolving success of North Carolina's high tech, life science and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

April 26

Premium Lock Inside AT&T: Consumer biz initiatives yield minimal results - so far

Analysis: AT&T's unlimited data strategy strengthens its position as an integrated solutions provider, but did not generate postpaid net additions in 1Q17, notes Technology Business Research Analyst Steve Vachon.

Updated April 26

Premium Lock AT&T sheds more lucrative wireless customers in 1Q

AT&T Inc. on Tuesday said it lost more of its most lucrative wireless customers during the first three months of the year as the country's biggest mobile carriers try to lure customers from each other with offers of unlimited data plans.

April 24

Premium Lock Inside Verizon: Reinstating unlimited data can't prevent record subscriber losses

Verizon reports its first quarterly net loss of wireless retail subscribers despite reinstating unlimited data plans - so what does the company do now? Technology Business Research Analyst Steve Vachon takes an in-depth look.

Updated April 13

Premium Lock AT&T stops its billionth robocall

Do you get frequent annoying robocalls? AT&T brags that it has blocked its billionth unwanted robocall using a new program that detects them via network data analysis. Proposed FCC rules could help all carriers take action to stop the calls

April 10

Premium Lock AT&T preps for 5G with $1.25B buy of Straight Path

AT&T is buying Virginia-based Straight Path in a $1.2 billion all-stock deal that provides the communications giant with wireless spectrum across the top 40 U.S. metropolitan markets. The company says the acquisition positions itself for delivery of forth-coming, faster 5G wireless services.

April 4

Premium Lock Trump signs bill overriding FCC data privacy rules

President Donald Trump on Monday signed a bill that wipes away rules passed by the FCC last year to protect data and privacy for customers utilizing Internet Service Providers.

Updated March 31

Premium Lock AT&T wins multi-billion-dollar contract to build first responder network (+ video)

AT&T wins a multi-year contract to build a nation-wide high-speed network for first responders and says it will invest $40 billion in building it. The communications giant will receive up to $6.5 billion in funding from an independent arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce as well as access to wireless spectrum. Plus: Deatils about the network and video.

March 24

Premium Lock AT&T expands fiber network in Triad, boosts NC wireless capacity

Responding to what it says is growing customer demand and usage, AT&T is expanding both its fiber footprint and wireless networks in North Carolina.

February 28

Premium Lock Wake County first in NC to upgrade 911 with new AT&T service

Wake County is upgrading its 911 service with a new offering from AT&T that the county and company say will improve the system's reliability and, at some point, support text, photos and video.

February 28

Premium Lock Customers may see benefits as cellphone wars rage on

The so-called cellphone wars are raging, much to the delight of some customers.

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