(CIX: WRAL30)  1,064.91  down arrow-18.73  (-1.73 %)  Updated: 04:02 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: Apple)  92.04  down arrow-1.36  (-1.46 %)  Updated: 03:59 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NY: Q)  61.32  down arrow-2  (-3.16 %)  Updated: 04:02 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(OP: BASFY)  72.38  down arrow-2.21  (-2.96 %)  Updated: 03:59 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: BCRX)  2.66  down arrow-0.18  (-6.34 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: BDSI)  2.27    (0 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: CEMP)  16.05  down arrow-1.36  (-7.81 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: Cisco)  27.31  down arrow-0.44  (-1.59 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: CREE)  23.19  down arrow-0.71  (-2.97 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: DARA)  0.88    (0 %)  Updated: 08:10 PM EST, Dec 04 2015
(NY: EMC)  27.04  down arrow-0.25  (-0.92 %)  Updated: 04:01 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: EXTR)  3.15  down arrow-0.14  (-4.26 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: Facebook)  108.99  down arrow-3.09  (-2.75 %)  Updated: 04:00 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NY: GSK)  40.14  down arrow-0.66  (-1.62 %)  Updated: 04:01 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NQ: Alphabet)  668.26  down arrow-6.96  (-1.03 %)  Updated: 04:09 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016
(NY: IBM)  143.50  down arrow-3.09  (-2.11 %)  Updated: 04:02 PM EDT, Jun 27 2016

Posts tagged “Apple”

Updated June 13

Apple show: Watch to track wheelchair user fitness; opening up Siri; TV updates

​Fitness trackers routinely measure physical activity such as running and cycling and encourage people to stand up and walk around throughout the day. But if you're in a wheelchair, you're out of luck. Apple wants to change that with an upcoming Apple Watch feature announced Monday. Plus: Upgrading Apple TV to support Sling, beefing up Siri integration.

June 13

Apple software update; solar plane to Europe; solar drone; real 'hobbits'

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: Apple plans major software update; a solar plane aims for flight to Europe after flying over Statue of Liberty (see photo); a solar drone is unveiled (see photo); and finding the real "hobbits" (see photo).

Solar plane's flight plane Solar plane's flight plane

Updated June 9

App Store ads; Yahoo patent sale; save reindeer app; smart car insurance discounts; Singapore net security

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Apple will start showing ads in the App Store; Yahoo plans to sell 3,000 patents; app may save reindeer; a look at discounts for smart car technology; and Singapore moves to improve Internet security by cutting government works off from the net.

Finland Reindeer App Finland Reindeer App

Updated June 2

Premium Lock Video: Elon Musk on humans to Mars, autonomous cars

Tech mogul Elon Musk says he plans to go into space himself, expects people on Mars within nine years, and sees Apple - not Google - as a competitor in autonomous cars.

Updated May 26

Premium Lock Vivek Wadhwa: Trump's iPhone manufacturing in US idea isn't crazy

Vivek Wadhwa Former Triangle tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa, now an author, academic and frequent blogger, says Apple bringing iPhone manufacturing to the U.S. from China is not a far-fetched idea.

May 24

Premium Lock More room to tweet; more ads at Google maps; Facebook news changes; apps TV future, says Apple

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Twitter revises tweet multimedia limits; more ads are coming to Google Maps; Facebook makes changes in news after meeting with conservatives; and Apple's Tim Cook says apps are the future of TV.

May 19

Premium Lock Bayer-Monsanto talks; Facebook meets conservatives; 117M hit in LinkedIn hack; Apple's India move

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and science news: Bayer and Monsanto are talking a deal; Facebook execs meet with conservatives to discuss alleged bias; LinkedIn confirms just how big a 2012 hack was; and Apple plans to open a development office in India.

Updated May 16

Premium Lock Buffett makes $1B tech play in Apple + Graphical view of Berkshire Hathaway

Warrenn Buffett  Investors might question Warren Buffett's long-standing aversion to tech stocks after his Berkshire Hathaway bought 9.8 million shares of Apple. The news gives a boost to Apple shares.

Tags: Apple
Updated May 16

Premium Lock Why Apple's $1B investment? A venture capital perspective + good will in China

Apple Analysis: So what's really going on with Apple's $1 billion investment in China-based ride sharing firm - and Uber rival - Didi Chuxing? Anand Sanwal of venture capital research firm CB Insights offers his take. Plus, there's good will such a deal will generate for Apple in China, says an analyst.

May 13

Premium Lock Google's women emojis; Apple's $1B ride-sharing bet; Facebook 'trending' debate; bank cyberattack

In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: Google proposes new emojis for professional women; Apple invests $1 billion in an Uber competitor; Facebook defends its news trending; and a new cyberattack hits bank.

Google Women Emojis Google Women Emojis

Updated May 6

Premium Lock Vivek Wadhwa: Why Tesla, Musk are the sparks Apple needs

Vivek Wadhwa Analysis: Apple's dismal earnings announcement shows why it badly needs to rethink its innovation model and leadership. Its last breakthrough innovation was the iPhone -- which was released in 2007. So it's time to acquire Tesla - and name Elon Musk as CEO.

May 4

Premium Lock AOL goes VR; Google-Fiat Chrysler minivan; Apple loses iPhone name suit; Google's $250K Flint offer

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology news: AOL promises more live content, including VR, plus a public studio; Fiat Chrysler and Google are teaming up to develop an autonomous minivan; Apple loses a suit in China over the iPhone name; and Google offers $250,000 to Flint, Mich.

Updated May 2

Premium Lock 'God particle' search; Parkinson's drug; Mayer $55M parachute; Ichan dumps Apple

Bulldog In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: The search resumes for the "God particle" at CERN; the FDA approves a Parkinson's disease drug; Marissa Mayer gets $55 million severance package if ousted; and billionaire Carl Icahn sells his stake in Apple.

Updated April 29

Premium Lock Apple's medical apps; Sanofi offers $9B for SF firm; Comcast-DreamWorks deal; FTC hits Amazon

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: Apple unveils medical apps for iPhones; Sanofi badly wants to buy a San Francisco pharmaceutical firm; Comcast is buying DreamWorks; and the FTC wins court case over in-apps purchases made by children through Amazon.

April 28

Premium Lock Lenovo falls from top 5 among global smartphone vendors

Lenovo   A reorganization and job cuts in its smartphone business are apparently not producing quick dividends for Lenovo. The latest statistics from research firm IDC show that Lenovo has fallen out of the top five among global manufacturers.

Updated April 27

Premium Lock Inside Apple: First revenue decline since 2003 reflects a problem - people love, keeping iPhones

iPhones          Analysis: Apple's latest earnings report shows a big obstacle for the tech giant. Year-over-year revenue declined for the first time since 2003 and a reason is: People love their iPhones. So what's Apple to do? Technology Business Research analyst Jack Narcotta offers his in-depth analysis.

April 25

Premium Lock Solar flight a pilot test, too; feds crack iPhone; Uber's driver deal; Lithuania hack

Bulldog In today's Bulldog technology news roundup: Global solar flight also a pilot test; feds crack an iPhone; Uber's driver/contractor settlement; and Lithuania reports another hack attack.

April 21

Premium Lock Apps in, box out at Comcast; Virgin Galactic exercises; Chinese electric buses in US; Apple earnings delay

Bulldog In today's wrapup of science and technology news: Comcast plans to use apps rather than cable boxes; Virgin Galactic back at Spaceport USA; Chinese firm finds success with electric buses in U.S.; and Apple delays its earnings for a funeral.

April 19

Premium Lock FBI wants encryption help; blood testing firm probe; Insomniac VR games; Jobs mentor dies

Bulldog Bulletin In today's Bulldog wrapup of technology and life science news: The FBI wants direct tech industry support with encryption; a blood testing firm is under investigation; Insomniac to launch VR games; and a mentor to Steve Job dies.

April 14

Premium Lock Burr: Encryption should not be 'above the law'

Talking encryption North Carolina Senator Richard Burr along with California's Dianne Feinstein unveiled proposed legislation that would require companies to help the government break encryption on devices, but it already has generated opposition from Silicon Valley and privacy groups.

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