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Premium Lock IBM confirms new layoffs as part of a talent 'remix'

Published: 2017-03-30 15:55:00
Updated: 2017-03-31 07:58:36

IBM layoffs     IBM layoffs

A Facebook page set up to give voice to IBM workers lit up Thursday with employees reporting another round of layoffs. An IBM spokesperson confirms that some jobs are being cut but affected workers "are being offered jobs" elsewhere within the company....

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Interesting, how quickly a herd typically returns to grazing after a hungry predator takes one of them down? Employees subject to ‘workforce reduction’ seem to behave similarly. Seems natural, business as usual these days. So why would anyone, especially with over four decades at IBM, be surprised? Anyone who can afford to retire rather than struggle to find lateral reemployment is blessed indeed. More interesting is how many obfuscatory schemes employers have come with to avoid one of the Trumpet’s former favorite words: FIRED!
I have no dog in this fight, but being someone over 50, this certainly sound like age discrimination. Contact Employment Security, Attorney General or whomever's ear you can chew. Hate to see good talent getting fleeced by the new American way of disposable long-term employees!
Much love and support for those who have lost their livelihoods, dismissed with disrespect after 3+ decades of commitment. Thanks to Watching IBM for providing an forum for impacted IBMers to connect.

This week, the IBMPETITION.ORG campaign has spoken out at major IBM offices against IBM's ongoing age discrimination campaign, implemented through RAs and the colocation policy.

HR insiders have told us that they now have a difficult job: older IBMers are alienated by the severance cuts and age discrimination; the younger, Millenial "top talent" is appalled by Trump's racism, so obvs they're alienated by Rometty's unclear pledge to engage with his "security" projects. So who does that leave us?

The IBMPETITION.ORG campaign has a solution for both problems: clarify IBM's relationship with Trump through action, and giving IBMers meaningful security, restoring lost benefits.

ATL speak out: https://www.facebook.com/IBMPETITION.ORG/posts/1310002539084340
Please post this and my previous comment anonymously as I'll still be working for IBM for the next 90 days and I'd hate to see my comments void any separation package they plan to provide, no matter how small.. Thank you.
I am the 43 year IBMer referenced in this article and while I was told I could apply for another position within IBM I was not actually offered another position. I actually asked if any consideration was made that would have allow me to go back my previous position since my current one was being discontinued and the answer was NO. Past comments from those who were RA'ed before me have stated that in no uncertain terms, managers were either discouraged from taking on RA'ed employees or were ordered not to. At my age knowing the toxic atmosphere within IBM I figured I might as well just retire.
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