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Premium Lock Charlotte investors still wary of startups

Even though a focus on startups and entrepreneurs is on the rise in Charlotte, the Charlotte Angel Fund has yet to invest in a single Charlotte-based company. But that may soon change, says Fund Administrator Greg Brown.

Greg Brown, administrator, Charlotte Angel Fund Greg Brown, administrator, Charlotte Angel Fund

7:17 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Microsoft successfully adapts to the cloud business model

Microsoft is starting to show maturity in its evolution to address the "cloud-first, mobile-first world", reporting positive corporate growth for the first time in more than a year. With this maturity, Microsoft struggles to drive traditional software growth but has maintains relatively stable margins in the mid-20 percernt range, says TBR analyst.

In the cloud In the cloud

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Macs cheaper than PCs, DDoS attacks, and do people want self-driving cars?

Bulldog In today's update of technology news: DDOS attacks such as those affecting sites Friday are "vicious" says Channel Advisor founder Scot Wingo; IBM says Macs are cheaper than PCs; and do drivers really want autonomous cars?

7:05 a.m. Friday

Premium Lock Only a quarter of IT pros think their companies have enough security experts

You have to wonder why major stores, corporations, and Internet stalwarts keep getting hacked. A Tripwire study may point to the reason.

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity

12:49 p.m. Friday

Lulu Press moving from Raleigh to Durham

Lulu Lulu Press, the e-book self publishing firm started by Red Hat founder Bob Young is moving from its Raleigh offices to a new space at Keystone Technology Park in Durham.

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Expert says: Consumers need shared values, not science and data

Charlie Arnot talks values at AgBiotech Summit. Many biotech companies may be trying to create consumer acceptance and trust for products such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other new technologies the wrong way.

6:04 a.m. Friday

When technology impacts the food chain, sometimes the food chain bites back.

Former Aventis CropScience COO John Wichtrich described the StarLink experience to NCBiotech Ag Biotech Summit 2016 audience. -- Sandalfoot Photography photo GMOs are controversial despite a lack of evidence showing they harm anyone. But lessons from the Starlink GMO corn affair of the late 1990 holds many lessons for the industry and consumers.

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Premium Lock Cary-based InvestiQuant on the way to $2M equity raise

InvestiQuant, which sells online investment tools and trading software, is close to wrapping a $2 million equity round.

InvestiQuant raising $2M InvestiQuant raising $2M

7:58 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock RTP-based Entegrion infuses $4.2M debt funding

Entegrion, a Research Triangle=based life sciences company developing advanced blood products, has raised $4.2 million of a $5 million debt and securities offering from 59 investors, according to a regulatory filing.

Entegrion infuses $4.2M in debt raise Entegrion infuses $4.2M in debt raise

3:37 p.m. Thursday

T-Mobile will pay $48M to settle FCC charges

T-Mobile T-Mobile US has agreed to pay $48 million to settle FCC charges that it did not adequately disclose its unlimited data plan restrictions. T-Moble also agreed to update its customer disclosures.A large part of the fine, $35.5 million, will fund a consumer benefit program.

11:20 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Intervention could stem the decline of women in the US computing workforce

The share of women in the U.S. computing workforce will decline from 24 percent to 22 percent by 2025, according to new research from Accenture and Girls Who Code.But interventions beginning in junior high school could make a big difference

Women in computing Women in computing

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Premium Lock How a building supports Charlotte's entrepreneurial ecosystem

Most people trace the current resurgence of interest in Charlotte's startup community to Dan Roselli and his wife Sara Garces opening Packard Place as a co-working facility Uptown in 2011. Editor's note: third in a four-part series on the QueenCity''sentrepreneurial scene.

Dan Roselli Dan Roselli

11:48 a.m. Thursday

Red Hat, Ericsson form "broad-based alliance"

Red Hat, Ericsson ink alliance Raleigh-based Red Hat Inc. and Ericsson have announced what they call "a broad alliance to deliver fully open source and production-ready cloud infrastructure, spanning OpenStack, software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined infrastructure (SDI).

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ShareFile boosts Citrix Q3 cloud revenue

Citrix Systems Florida-based Citrix Systems Inc. , which bought Triangle cloud company ShareFile, reported third quarter earnings of $1.32 a share, Wednesday, beating consensus estimates of $1.19 by 13 cents.

8:16 a.m. Thursday

Premium Lock Healthcare IT reinforces its role in IBM's services rvivial

The role of healthcare IT services in IBM's services turnaround is escalating says TBR analyst.

6:49 a.m. Thursday

FDA wants you to scan the horizon for emerging science it may be missing

Gazing into the future to predict the next new things in science and technology is not just the work of a science fiction writer.Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration invites you to peer into your own crystal ball and let them know what you see.

Scan the future for the FDA Scan the future for the FDA

6:01 a.m. Thursday

John Rabby elected chairman of NC Biotech Center

John Rabby, new Biotech Center chaiar John C. Rabby, an executive with 30-plus years of experience in global agribusiness development, has been elected chairman of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center's Board of Directors.

7:12 a.m. Thursday

Gartner forecasts global IT spending to rise 3 percent in 2017

Gartners global spending forecast Worldwide IT spending is forecast to reach $3.5 trillion in 2017, up 2.9 percent from 2016 estimated spending of $3.4 trillion, driven by growth in software and IT services revenue, according to the latest forecast by Gartner Inc.

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Premium Lock Charlotte Entrepreneur survey reveals strenghs and weaknesses

The 2015 Charlotte Entrepreneur Growth Report is the region's first systematic evaluation of its high growth entrepreneurial scene and innovative ventures.It reveals both strengths and weaknesses the Queen City is attempting to address with a range of entrepreneurial focused organizations and activity this year.

Mixing at Packard Place in Charlotte Mixing at Packard Place in Charlotte

11:43 a.m. Wednesday

Agbio: Not all food tech engenders fears

Josip Simunovic, Ph.D, talks about the food preservation system developed by his company, Aseptia. -- Sandalfoot Photography photo Some genetically engineered foods such as White Russet potatoes and Arctic apples that don't brown remain controversial. But not all food technology innovations discussed at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center's AgBiotech Summit 2016 earlier this month engender social fears.

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