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Spreading the Startup Gospel

It’s my intention that this is as close to a traditional blog post that I’ll ever do in the pages of ExitEvent. Self-serving? Sure. But everyone does that now, so I’m jumping off the proverbial bridge with them. Anyway, I got a call from the Raleigh News and Observer asking if I’d like to write about startups. 1st thing I said: “Yes” 2nd thing I said: “Wait. You’ve read me, right?” I’ve never considered myself a journalist. First of all, I don’t have the time or inclination to do all that they do. But more importantly, I’m not really...

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Beyond Party Politics

Quite honestly, it was never my plan to host a monthly party, Get together? Sure. Blow off steam? Most definitely. Limit the audience to entrepreneurs and investors? Absolutely. But as anyone who has ever hosted any kind of regular event will tell you, it’s an enormous pain in the ass to continuously pull it off. As for evidence of its necessity, I got a nice little reminder yesterday at Startup Summit during the panel on Entrepreneur Seed Stage Perspectives, when my robotic writing partner Robbie Allen, the founder and CEO of Automated Insights, answered a question about how budding...

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Raleigh Startup dejaMi Gets Booted From Office

This is not how you embrace startups and entrepreneurship. The ridiculous thing is I know everyone involved and it’s a straight-up case of the spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law. Backing up a second. On Monday, the Raleigh News and Observer ran a spotlight article on dejaMi, the makers of WedPics, who will be presenting at Startup Summit at the Convention Center in Raleigh next week. I’ve known founder/CEO Justin Miller for a few years, and he’s been a player in the startup community and is one of those folks who consistently drives from Raleigh...

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