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SoarTriangle’s Female Founders Went National, Raised Seed Rounds, Won Customers. Now for Year Three

SoarTriangle, the Triangle-based program designed to help close the funding gap between male and female-led startups will soon select it’s third cohort of mentee companies.  Since its establishment just over two years ago, the program’s deep bench of advisors and principals like Groundwork Labs’ John Austin, Duke University visiting professor Lauren Whitehurst, serial entrepreneur and technologist Vickie Gibbs, and American Underground’s Adam Klein have mentored nine female-led startups, hosted numerous networking and educational events, and shepherded mentee companies through the process of building and scaling their companies.  The growth and success exhibited by previous mentees speak to the program’s impact. Mati Energy has raised more...

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SoarTriangle Mentee: After Rally Software Exit, Durham Entrepreneurs Reinvent Project Management With TaskTorch

This is the second in a series of profiles about the women-led companies in the SoarTriangle program. The women were selected from a pool of 25 companies and were chosen based on the merit of the idea behind the company, the strength and coachability of the team, and whether Soar organizers believe they can help the company reach their goals. To be considered, companies had to be planning to raise capital in the next six to twelve months. TaskTorch married co-founders Niki and Nate Kohari have already achieved success by many entrepreneur’s standards. AgileZen—their first project management software and company...

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Don't Support the Startup Scene

Over the weekend, I spent about fifteen minutes answering questions for an article about the startup scene in the Southeast. There’s a part of me that still feels like I shouldn’t be doing this, speaking for an entire region about a phenomenon that I probably see a little differently than everyone else. But in my mind, anything I can do to bring more eyes to what is still a fledgling startup hub can only do good things. So I typed a few hundred words, knowing that they’ll probably use 10-15 of them, went back and took out all the...

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How Spreedly Raised $300K in 10 Days on AngelList

The last time Spreedly CEO Justin Benson and I spent any significant time together was in the back of Tyler’s in early March talking about the company’s pivot and seed raise over a couple of dark beers. I knew he’d be going out for another round in June, and that we’d touch base then, but I never thought he’d actually get the deal done before we had a chance to talk. As it turns out, Spreedly just closed a $300K round that went from introduction via AngelList to money transfer in 10 days. You should keep in mind that...

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Startup North Carolina Launching August 20th

A little over a year ago, the day of the very first official non-beta ExitEvent Startup Social, I got word that the White House Jobs and Competitive Council would be in the Triangle (the same day as the President, I might add) doing five listening sessions with local entrepreneurs and other business executives. I tried like mad, to no avail, to get them, the President, or anyone else to the Social in Durham that night, where over 50 of the area’s top entrepreneurs would be saying the exact things those people wanted to be listening to. Scott Case was...

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