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Argyle Social

Entrepreneurs Will Gather for First Startup Movie Night in Durham

Somewhere between Hackathon and Happy Hour sits the first ever Durham Startup Movie Night, an inspiration from Argyle Social’s founder and CEO Eric Boggs. It’s community-building and motivational, like a hackathon, but without all the pressure of coding or coming up with good ideas. It’s fun and social like a Happy Hour, but there’s a bit more meat to it. It’s this Wednesday, 10/17, at 7:00 p.m. at Motorco. The event is free but registration is required. In addition to hitting revenue goals with Argyle, tending to his new(ish) family, and renovating a recently-purchased fixer upper in the heart...

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Automated Insights, Argyle, EvoApp, Zift, Netsertive and 20 More Are Companies to Watch

You hear a lot about two types of startups in this town — the young and scrappy early stagers, those who are just making their mark with a seed round and a dream, and successful exiters, the Red Hats and the iContacts and what have you. It’s rare that we shine a light on the hard-working money-makers, because those stories just aren’t that sexy. Yet. Even in drama-starved RTP, where we’re always caught somewhere between up-and-coming and best-place-to-quietly-grow-old, we still get our heads turned by new and flashy or huge wads of cash. America! But CED has an award...

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