CHARLOTTE –  The N.C. State Ports Authority will receive almost $11 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation to move the Port of Wilmington’s North Gate farther away from surrounding neighborhoods.
The money, from USDOT, is a part of its Port Infrastructure Development Program and will fund 38% of the port’s North Gate Relocation and Access Optimization project.

Details as announced by Department of Transportation

North Gate Relocation and Access Optimization ($10,950,805)   
Wilmington, North Carolina 

The project will construct approximately 4,000 feet of elevated roadway access to the general cargo terminal, relocate the North Gate security checkpoint, install a new gate operating system, improve existing at-grade railroad crossings, construct buildings for badging, guardhouse, and cargo control, construct a truck queuing area, and install EV charging infrastructure and solar panels. The new facilities will improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the port by increasing railroad capacity, reducing truck delays resulting from railroad operations, and increasing supply chain reliability for U.S. exporters. The project also improves the resilience of this strategic seaport by implementing new security technology and cyber prevention tools to ensure operational resilience.

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