RALEIGH — Up to 57% of all the apps we use are under security attack, according to a new report from Raleigh-headquartered software development firm Digital.ai.

The company debuted its new Application Security Threat Report recently;  key insights include:

  • Across app types, gaming (63%) and FinServ (62%) were the most likely to be attacked.
  • The study found no correlation between an app’s popularity and likelihood of being attacked.
  • Android apps are more likely to be put in unsafe environments (76%) than iOS apps (55%).
  • Android apps are also more likely (28%) to be run with modified code than iOS apps (6%).

These findings are based on a survey Digital.ai sent to its application security customers around the globe, focusing on point-in-time data collected in February 2023, according to the press release. The goal of the study was to help security professionals identify threats to apps so that they can better apply defenses to apps.

“Between curious actors and threat actors, the reasons and motivations for attacks on any app are varied and increasing,” said Greg Ellis, General Manager of Application Security at Digital.ai. “In lucrative industries such as gaming and financial services, there is money to be made and desirable ‘street cred’ from hacking games. Our customers have determined that building security into their apps is the best way to prevent attacks on their apps.”