RESEARCH TIANGLE PARK – Members of a coalition that lobbied for North Carolina to land a new regional innovation “hub” from the US Department of Health and Human Services will continue to pursue other opportunities after failing in its initial hub.

The Advanced Research Project Agencies for Health announced its three choices for the new hubs that will help form a “nationwide health innovation network.” It’s funded with $1 billion in federal revenues.

North Carolina wants new $1 billion research headquarters – bipartisan coalition leads effort

A group called “ARPA-H in NC” had led efforts for North Carolina.

“We are proud of the competitive proposal put forth by the “ARPA-H in NC” Coalition and we remain committed to engaging and partnering with ARPA-H to realize our shared goals of driving transformative biomedical and health breakthroughs to provide equitable health solutions for all,” said Mary Beth Thomas, senior vice president of Science and Business Development at the N.C. Biotech Center in RTP, in a statement provided to WRAL TechWire.

“While we were not selected to host the Customer Experience Hub, there are opportunities for us to pursue opportunities as ‘spokes’ to the newly established ARPANET-H.”

The hubs were selected for Dallas, Texas, Cambridge, Mass., and the Washington D.C. area. Details from ARPHA-H:

  • The Customer Experience hub will focus on developing health solutions that will be accessible, needed, and readily adopted. It will take a proactive approach to diversify clinical trials, reach representative patient populations, and more leading to better and more equitable health outcomes for all. This hub’s physical location will be located in Dallas, Texas.
  • The Investor Catalyst hub will focus on speeding the transition of innovative ideas into practical, accessible solutions that deliver for Americans by engaging with researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors. This hub’s physical will be located in Cambridge, Mass., in the greater Boston area.
  • The Stakeholder and Operations hub will be adjacent to many intergovernmental partners and stakeholders. Following a competitive review, ARPA-H will select the final site located in the National Capital Region, using federal leasing and acquisition procedures. The announcement is anticipated later in 2023.

For details about the project and sites selected as hubs, read more online.