MORRISVILLE — Spencer Health Solutions, Inc. today filed with the SEC for $10 million in equity funding from 6 initial investors. According to the filing, the company is looking to raise a total of $40 million dollars.

The Morrisville-based health tech company opened in 2018 and is built around spencer®, the company’s SmartHub tool for patient engagement. The in-home device serves as a medication calendar and dispenser, as well as a telehealth connection. The tool also has Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices for collecting and transmitting biometric data from the patient to their healthcare team.

Spencer Health Solutions (SHS) announced a collaboration with Perigon Pharmacy 360 in February of this year. Perigon is a full-service digital pharmacy focusing on treatments for rare and chronic health conditions. The collaboration allows the spencer SmartHub™ to be distributed to Perigon patients.

“From the very beginning, partnering with Perigon 360 felt like a natural extension to support our ongoing in-home digital adherence and patient engagement programs.,” said Tom Rhoads, founder and chief executive officer of Spencer Health Solutions in the press release announcing the collaboration. “Our companies are uniquely aligned in how we view digital technology as an essential component to delivering real-world data to stakeholders in the pharmaceutical ecosystem.”

Spencer Health Solutions raises $1.8M, planning to hire to scale growth

SHS last raised $6 million in debt in May of this year, and another $15 million in debt in late 2021. This filing specifies that the minimum investment accepted will be $5,000.