RALEIGH — Raleigh-based WhistleStop is headed west.

WhistleStop is the signature product of the company UStopIt, Inc. Last week the company announced a partnership with the Big West Conference to use its wearable devices to facilitate clock management for the 2023-2024 season. The product will be used for all men’s and women’s basketball games.

According to an SEC filing from last month, UStopIt, Inc. has raised nearly $1.2 million in debt from 16 investors. The filing discloses an additional $90,000 to be sold. UStopIt converted from an LLC to a business corporation earlier this year and announced shares of common stock.

The filing comes from Keith Fogleman, president and CEO of UStopIt and an NCAA Division 1 game official for the past 17 years. According to the WhistleStop website, Fogleman developed the WhistleStop to help eliminate clock malfunctions and ubiquitous monitor reviews. The WhistleStop device is worn by game officials and stops the clock at 1/100th of a second when the whistle is blown.

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In the WhistleStop press release, Fogleman praised the Big West and expressed enthusiasm for the partnership.

“The Big West has a long tradition of excellence in athletics, and WhistleStop could not be prouder to partner with the conference for men’s and women’s basketball. This partnership emphasizes The Big West’s commitment to its student-athlete experience by ensuring an efficient, accurate game flow, and to its officials by providing them with the latest in technological tools to manage the game effectively.”