The 27-year-old content creator, real name Fedha Sinon, resides in Montreal, Canada. Pinkydoll rose to fame with her wild TikTok videos. Viewers send her various gifts, and she thanks them for them. “Mmm, ice cream so good; thank you, Emma,” she says as emojis fly up the screen. “Slay, huh — yes, yes, yes; gang-gang.” She mentions that she earns upwards of $3,000 per stream from her fans.

In the past 30 days since her TikTok channel went viral, she has gained over 750,000 followers and 4.5 million likes. On average, that’s a gain of just over 26,000 followers a day. Researchers at JeffBet deduce that this allows her to earn between $443 and up to $1,965 per sponsored post.

A Look Into The World of NPC Streaming

The concept of streaming is not new to social media. From gamers uploading play-throughs of games on YouTube to celebrities streaming video games on Twitch, streaming has been a form of entertainment for well over a decade. It continues to be a growing market; JeffBet reported in May 2023 that Google searches on how to make money with Twitch have grown 20% over the past year.

With the introduction and growth of TikTok as a platform, it is only natural to see streamers utilize the platform creatively. Pinkydoll, as well as other content creators, use their streams to act like video game characters. Fans have dubbed the genre “NPC streaming,” short for non-playable character. These NPCs are commonly found in large, open-world video games and have quirky, computer-generated personalities. NPCs act robotic and repetitive; Pinkdoll mimics this behavior by repeating the same phrases based on the emojis on screen. “Ice cream so good” is for an ice cream cone; “Yes, yes, yes” is how she thanks viewers for a virtual rose.

“The TikTok trend known as NPC streaming has spread across the internet, with Pinkydoll becoming one of its most prominent content creators,” a spokesperson for JeffBet says. “The social media star has become unforgettable, with her catchphrases getting firmly stuck in your memory. As Pinkydoll reaches TikTok fame, she can now command a hefty price tag of almost $2,000 per sponsored post to work with brands. After going viral and becoming an established influencer, she can open new revenue streams and continue to monetize her rapidly growing following.”

Pinkydoll’s Popularity Has Gone Mainstream

With her viral growth, it’s only natural that Pinkydoll broke into mainstream pop culture. All of her catchphrases, including “ice cream so good,” “gang gang,” and “yes, yes, yes” are internet memes. Today, her daily earnings for each TikTok stream average $7,000. Since each gift is only a few dollars, she has an impressive amount of fans donating to her. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that her streams and videos regularly reach over a million views.

One of her most popular videos is a reaction to hip-hop artist Cardi B reacting to a Pinkydoll video. At the time of writing, it has over 6 million views. Artist Timbaland has remixed Pinkydoll’s catchphrases into a recently previewed new song. If Pinkydoll’s rapid growth is any indication, this is only the beginning of NPC streaming’s influence on pop culture. She announced in early August that she’s headed to the United States to work on a big project. She is also available on Cameo, an app allowing fans to pay celebrities for personalized greetings and messages.

However, not everyone is a fan. Some call NPC streaming bizarre and cringe. That isn’t phasing Pinkydoll, however. “Talk bad, talk good,” she recently told an interviewer. “It’s still good promotion.”

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