RALEIGH – A startup focusing on the visualization of data to help companies deal with “complex code structures” formally launched on Friday with backing from San Francisco-based Capital One Ventures. The “first AI code cartographer” has arrived, the founders say.

The new venture – co-founded and led by a veteran of Red Hat and SAS – is named Devnaut, and it launched from Indianapolis-based High Alpha Innovation.

“As codebases continue to grow in size and complexity, developers, engineers, and technology leaders are increasingly facing the difficult and time-consuming challenges of navigating unfamiliar, frequently-changing code,” the company says. Users can “visualize and automatically organize code.”

Here’s how Devnaut – founded by a pair of serial entrepreneurs – describes its mission:

“Devnaut is a solution for development teams in fast-growing startups, mid-market and enterprise businesses who struggle with navigating multiple development tools and complex code structures. Our product acts like a “Google Maps for the codebase” and helps developers visualize, collaborate and understand the entire code environment, leading to improved productivity and reduced employee churn.”

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Devnaut says it provides a “code cartography [science of drawing maps] solution [that] brings a new approach to code visualization and organization.”

The founders

  • Jeff White • CEO: Jeff is a five-time entrepreneur who offers robust business and industry acumen within software startups. He has been Founder and CEO of five organizations over the past twenty years with multiple exits. Prior to Founding Devnaut, Jeff led ClearSpend as CEO.
  • Bob Donald • CTO: Bob is a successful software product and engineering leader. He held positions at various companies including Zebra Technologies, SAS Institute, Monster Worldwide, and Red Hat as well as several startups. Bob is also a published author and teaches graduate computer science courses at Boston University.

Source: Devnaut

The amount of pre-seed investment from Capital One Venture was not disclosed.

“The industry has been building low-level code tools geared toward serving single pain points for developers for decades, but no one has solved for the macro-level perspective. By visualizing complex codebases, Devnaut is eliminating the burden of time-consuming manual forensic work and empowering developers to focus on what matters most: building great software,” said Devnaut co-founder and CEO, Jeff White. “Devnaut’s mission is to make code accessible and collaborative, and our code cartographer is the first step towards achieving that vision.”

What investor says

“There’s a unique opportunity for innovation at the documentation layer, making granular, fragmented information systematically accessible. This facilitates developer onboarding and allows tenured engineers to use their time more productively,” said Phil Kim, partner at Capital One Ventures. “To build, innovate and meet evolving requirements, engineers need context on how their technical systems are set up and Devnaut is addressing that intricate challenge.”