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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – With longer days come shorter column posts… which leads me to my next question… What are you doing reading this column instead of enjoying this gorgeous summer? 😉

As you know, I’m all about whatever makes life better, and that includes both professional and personal life enjoyment. So today I’m sharing with you a list of ideas for living a little lighter this summer. After all, finding enjoyment is one of the key ways to both recover from burnout and prevent it in the first place.

Give these a try:

  1. Finish this article (haha). Then grab an actual book with a binding (not an audiobook), and set yourself up under an umbrella by the pool or a lake and lose yourself in a good story. (Need a recommendation? Lessons in Chemistry will make you laugh out loud. You’re welcome.)
  2. Reach into your memory bank and list out your favorite childhood summer foods. Maybe you loved bomb pops, or corn on the cob, or watermelon. Write ‘em down, and then plan yourself some tasty nostalgic meals.
  3. Cool off by a misty waterfall; you know North Carolina has several you can easily drive to.
  4. Get out on the lake whatever way you can—a friend’s boat, a neighbor’s kayak, or maybe rented paddle boards… bonus points if you get up on water skis!
  5. Find a concert or music festival and let yourself move to the beat.
  6. Watch a movie outdoors; this vintage drive-in theater has been operating since 1945.
  7. Kidnap your bestie for a day trip to the beach; better yet, make a weekend of it.
  8. You know those friends of yours you keep meaning to get together with? Make it happen this month. Text them now and get the date locked down.
  9. Go for a drive with only one goal in mind: listening to good music and finding a farmer’s market, side-of-the-road watermelon truck or some other fun way to pick up fresh summer produce. Then make that cocktail/sorbet/summer salad with the delicious summer goodness you found.
  10. Join us tonight at Mezcalito to celebrate three years of us being in business – we’ll lift your spirits, guaranteed!

Now that you’re all inspired, shut down your computer, put away your phone, and get some fun summer plans on the calendar! Anticipation plus adventure, augmented by a lil’ nostalgia… it’s summer…summer…summer-time.