GREENSBORO – HondaJet parent Honda Aircraft – built in the Triad – is now offering a “Certified Pre-Owned program after so far delivering 230 of its business-focused jets to customers worldwide.

Honda aircraft began entering service in 2015.

The company also recently announced a new aircraft.

HondaJet plans to offer new model with cross-continental range

The “Certified Pre-Owned program (CPO) is exclusive to Honda Aircraft and provides “alternative pathway to owning a HondaJet with a guarantee of quality and support,” HondaJet says.

“As demand for the HondaJet continues to rise, pre-owned aircraft have become an increasingly important entry point into the HondaJet community,” said Amod Kelkar, Chief Commercial Officer of Honda Aircraft Company, in the announcement. “The CPO program extends our commitment to excellence to all aspects of the long-term ownership experience and ensures that all HondaJet owners, both current and future, will have the best ownership experience and peace of mind, regardless of their position in the ownership journey.”

Each jet undergoes a detailed inspection before entering the program.

The CPO also offers end-to-end services.

The CPO program

Here’s what HondaJet says about the program:

“To provide customers with the ultimate confidence and peace of mind in their aircraft and purchase decision, every CPO HondaJet must pass a meticulous 208-point standard inspection conducted by Honda-trained technicians across the authorized service network. Additionally, all aircraft qualified for the CPO program will be upgraded to the highest performance level available for each model, based on applicable service bulletins. As part of the program, CPO buyers will also receive a FlightSafety Initial Pilot Training session and a 6-month or 100-hour credit (whichever occurs first) provided by Honda Aircraft to be applied toward the cost associated with the Airframe Flight Ready Performance program.”