DURHAM – Sift Media, a startup founded by Triangle serial entrepreneur, is raising another round of debt, according to an SEC filing.

The company has landed more than $1 million from 17 investors, the filing notes.

Sift intends to raise $1.5 million.

Dating back to its founding, Sift has now raised more than $4 million in equity and another $4 million in debt.

The Sift mission

Here’s how Sift defines its mission:

“We founded Sift in 2015 around the idea that the set of apps each of us has installed on our smartphones is like a digital fingerprint of who we are and our interests.

“So we set out on a mission to collect this data for every smartphone user. Now with billions of unique profiles of smartphone users around the world, we leverage all of this data and advanced AI & machine learning algorithms to sift through 50 billion mobile ad requests daily in order to hypertarget app install ads for our clients.”