FAYETTEVILLE – Amazon is still committed to its new building in Fayetteville and is seeking partners to launch its “Hub Delivery” program in the area, the internet giant says.

Amazon announced the delivery program earlier this week.

“Amazon is looking to recruit small businesses like antique stores, coffee shops, florists, and more to become mini delivery hubs that get paid to locally deliver the company’s packages,” according to a report in The Verge.

According to a report in the Greater Fayetteville Business Journal, Amazon is seeking 2,500 partners across North Carolina and 22 other states. But the newspaper also added details about Amazon expansion plans,

“Greg Rios, an Amazon PR Specialist, confirmed that Amazon’s building in Fayetteville is still in their plans,” the news site added.

For more info about the hub delivery plan, see: amazon.com/hubdelivery