RALEIGH – Five startups will be on stage to make their case to potential investors and technology thought leaders at the NC Tech Association’s 2023 State of Technology program on June 12-13 in Raleigh.

Here’s the lineup for the Startup Showcase  with company summaries provided by NC TECH:


Boreas Monitoring Solutions

Wilmington, NC

Boreas Monitoring Solutions is a patented method for monitoring liquid nitrogen tanks that store biological materials. The weight-based remote monitoring system, provides early warning by measuring weight of the tank over time to detect low levels and abnormal weight loss, identifying failures 18x earlier than the status quo.


CliniSpan Health - Ensuring Diversity in Medical Studies

CliniSpan Health

Durham, NC

CliniSpan Health is an influencer platform for people of color and underserved groups to access clinical research. They work to equitably involve underserved communities in the process of clinical trial education and recruitment by putting cultural competence at the forefront of their recruitment strategies.


Future Farm Agritech - Services

Future Farm AgriTech

Asheboro, NC

Future Farm AgriTech’s innovative solution identifies pest infestations at an early stage. Using a propriety device and algorithm, the data is transmitted into an application device where options are available. Farmers will be able to react quickly eliminating poor yield or loss of crops. The solution also features ordering and delivering of supplies, yield analysis and inventory,  thus improving efficiency, reducing, gas, time and labor.




Raleigh, NC

Rownd specializes in dynamic, passwordless authentication solutions. Their goal is to streamline and optimize the sign-in and sign-up processes for their customers’ applications and products. Rownd offers email and SMS links, integration with platforms like Google and Apple, and support for crypto wallets. Their services enhance user acquisition and improve user experiences by expanding the possibilities of authentication.



Truentity Health

Cary, NC

Truentity Health’s approach revolutionizes patient care by merging advanced healthcare data and modern workflows. Leveraging OpenAI, they streamline patient data, offering insights to reduce readmissions, enhance performance metrics, and improve patient outcomes.