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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – I was thrilled when Everything Everywhere All at Once won an Oscar for Best Picture. My partner and I saw it when it hit the theatres and were deeply moved. So in honor of this award-winning movie … I’ve decided to be somewhere and nowhere at the same time (smile).

Okay, let me catch you up. Last week I shared that this month I am taking my version of Spring Break to reset and let my mind wander a little. I’m in week one and what a difference a choice makes! The act of preserving and protecting my time continues to pay off. That said, my columns this month will feature a few of your all-time favorites – starting with the search for personal fulfillment at work.

I’ll be back in May with new inspiration and leadership insights to dig in to.  Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, here are some posts that I hope you will find entertaining – and helpful.

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