DURHAM –  Raleigh-Durham Startup Week (RDSW) is a regional movement – powered by a team of founders, entrepreneurs, and support organizations dedicated to showcasing the great entrepreneurial community here in the Triangle area.

The second annual Raleigh-Durham Startup Week will be celebrated from April 18-20, 2023. The

RDSW team has curated 4 main themes:

  • Startup 101
  • Legal & Finance
  • Tech & Society
  • Design, Development, & Product Management

There also will be morning of investor office hours.

Event details

Other highlights

There will be dozens of local entrepreneurs sharing their startup journeys, providing invaluable insights and business advice — engaging hundreds of participants.

“RDSW is a super connector celebration of what makes our region unique. A great networking event. Here in the Triangle, founders, funders, and innovators are all within reach of your network, even after decades of opportunity and years of unprecedented growth. This community is drawing investment by top 10 multinationals and midsize tech businesses, and fostering first-time entrepreneurs whose strongest asset is a great idea. With the indispensable backing of our sponsors we’re presenting dynamic thought leaders, sessions, and events, and celebrating the thriving culture and technology sector that’s found here” said Archie O’Connor, RDSW co-chairman.

The 3-day event will be hosted this year at venues in downtown Durham, including the American Underground, Full Frame Theater, and the American Tobacco campus, with one day in downtown Raleigh at Pendo and Raleigh Founded.

In addition to the daily speaker sessions, a special evening keynote will be held at Full Frame on April 19th and at Pendo on 20th at 7:00pm.

The startup-studded lineups feature Jenny Lawton, an EVP at Bolster and former COO at Techstars, Senator Jay Choudhuri and Senator Todd Johnson , and our very own Chris Heivly, co-founder of Mapquest and author of “Build the Fort- The Startup Community Builder’s Field Guide” and co-chair of RDSW.

The well-rounded schedule represents the talent and potential of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. There is engagement and enthusiasm from student entrepreneurs to established companies coming together to participate in Raleigh-Durham Startup Week.

So join us!