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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – “Content is King,” Bill Gates declared in the late 1990s, predicting an explosion of online information. And there is still truth in the phrase, as technology has geometrically increased the volume of words, images, videos, etc. that people can consume. However, when we look at the political scene and the incessant battling on social media, we see a lot of untruths and disinformation in that mix of content. 

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Donald Thompson

The unlimited content production coupled with serious efforts to undermine “fact” and “truth” mean everyone – whether in their professional or personal life – has trouble sifting through the “fake news” to find content that is credible and trustworthy. Given the political wrangling around diversity topics purposely meant to be divisive (“woke,” “CRT,” and the like), it is only via credible content that organizations will be able to cut through the clutter

In response to the overwhelming amount of half-truths and exaggerations around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), The Diversity Movement has created “TDM Library,” a subscription-based content hub that provides access to the company’s award-winning DEI resources across multiple formats. The business-focused content provides real-world solutions that leaders and managers can apply right away to build culture-centric organizations.

We believe in the power of expert-created and -curated content because it is the engine for creating stronger teams, which leads to better businesses. When an organization has a thriving culture, it is a catalyst for creating empowered workers, a stronger brand and teams ready to address challenges collaboratively with increased creativity.


The ROI of trustworthy content centers on the idea of engagement – establishing and reinforcing ideas that authentically represent the brand and organizational mission internally and externally. The value of engagement as a revenue-generator can be seen across the organization. For example:

  • Great content leads the way in reinforcing an organization’s brand identity, values and messaging for external audiences, including vendors, suppliers, partners and customers. Internally, trusted content leads to employees understanding how their daily work enables the organization to meet its objectives. 
  • Expert-created content enables companies to educate and inform, not only potential customers and clients, but also its own employees. Using great content to tell brand and organizational stories is a powerful tool for driving engagement. Employees who feel that they are learning and growing as professionals have stronger attachments to their organizations and are happier, which dramatically increases efficiency. 

Winning in today’s marketplace is often determined by access to high-quality content. It is not too much of a stretch to see strong content as currency in the marketplace of ideas. There are three primary ways to learn something new – read, talk and do. Trusted content powers all of these, while also enabling people to understand new information through another person’s lens. 


With DEI initiatives, credible and useful content is particularly valuable. To create inclusive workplaces ready for the future of work, organizations need to communicate their commitment through messaging and branding. The benefits of external and internal stakeholders linking a company to its strong culture are exponential, because its authentic story makes the organization a desired place to work, connects with today’s diversity-focused consumers, and fosters a sense of safety and belonging among its employees. 

After working with hundreds of clients on their day-to-day DEI programming and launching DEI Navigator – an empowerment platform that gives subscribers access to content, a peer community and one-on-one diversity counseling – we saw that diversity managers and teams needed access to content they could trust and put to use immediately. The need is especially pressing at companies that have one person running DEI initiatives or are operating with small teams and budgets. 

We used our understanding of what organizations need in a DEI resource hub when creating TDM Library, filled with practical, ready-to-implement content including guidebooks, whitepapers and articles. The content hub also features selections from The Diversity Movement’s award-winning MicroVideo library and more than 700 Q&As designed to help DEI practitioners, thought leaders and executives create a more inclusive workplace. 

Every library needs an organizational architecture, so our education and content experts created 38 categories in the searchable library, ranging from “DEI Vocabulary” and “Gender Issues in the Workplace” to “The Business Case & ROI” and “Inclusive Leadership.” Regardless of whether a user prefers to listen, watch or read, TDM Library is filled with resources to help educate and influence diversity-led culture change initiatives. 

When C-Suite leaders assess the value of content, their decision is usually based on access to proven expertise. In a knowledge economy, it is the best information that makes “content is king” ring true. Online libraries are a cost-effective way to learn from a wide range of subject matter experts who have created high-quality content on numerous topics. By subscribing to a library, managers and leaders gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that may be difficult or time-consuming to gather on their own – plus, the resources have already been vetted and curated.

We believe that TDM Library will be so valuable that we’re giving everyone a 30-day free trial. After that, the monthly cost equates to less than the coffee and bagel you get on the way to work in the morning. 

Trusted, credible and applicable content is essential for business. Its value far outstrips the cost, especially when the resources lead to more informed decisions, stronger teams and employees who are engaged and happy ambassadors of the company culture and brand.

About the Author 

Donald Thompson founded The Diversity Movement to literally change the world. As CEO, he has guided its work with hundreds of clients and through hundreds of thousands of data touch points. TDM’s global recognition centers on tying DEI initiatives to business objectives. Recognized by Inc., Fast Company and Forbes, he is the author of Underestimated: A CEO’s Unlikely Path to Success, hosts the podcast “High Octane Leadership in an Empathetic World” and has published widely on leadership and the executive mindset. As a leadership and executive coach, Thompson has created a culture-centric ethos for winning in the marketplace by balancing empathy and economics. Follow him on LinkedIn for updates on news, events, and his podcast, or contact him at info@donaldthompson.com for executive coaching, speaking engagements or DEI-related content.