RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The latest edition of the WRAL TechWire Jobs Report shows a fourth consecutive drop in the total number of local job listings—to the lowest total number of postings for 2023 and a 24% drop from this time last year.

The low postings could be a casualty of tech tightening its belt. According to Insider, many technology firms are focusing on “efficiency” and a new metric: revenue per employee.

“This is a get-back-to-basics measure of efficiency and productivity, assigning a hard dollar value to individual workers,” writes Insider reporter Hasan Chowdhury in the article. “It’s calculated by dividing a company’s annual revenue by the number of its employees. A company might appear financially healthy if it’s doing massive revenue — but if it has masses of workers and poor or waning profitability, low revenue per employee might signal inefficiency and bloat.”

US job openings fall below 10M for first time in nearly two years

The drop in Triangle openings [which don’t account for duplications] follows two reports from the NC TECH Association point out declining demand for talent – from the lowest number of job postings in years to a new survey that points to less hiring by tech executives.

Here’s a look at the Triangle numbers.

The numbers do not account for duplications in postings.

Low postings—but still a healthy job market?

Last month, WRAL TechWire reported that the downward trend in job posts could be a positive sign for employee satisfaction—the resignation rate for the state in the last 112 months is just 3.12%, according to data from Wallet Hub.

And this year, Raleigh’s workforce has increased nearly 4% – with technology jobs and positions in leisure/hospitality both up nearly 9% year over year, according to N.C. employment data.

Today, WRAL TechWire reported that Raleigh is the fifth-best job market in the United States, based on data from a new national study published by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend.

Michael Haley, Executive Director of Wake County Economic Development, shared with WRAL TechWire that the county has 38 active projects with over 14,000 associated new jobs.

Raleigh is No. 5 U.S. job market; thousands more jobs could be coming – here’s why

National jobs report numbers on Friday

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) will release the March jobs report on Friday, April 7. The report is expected to show a second-straight jobs decline following January's sky-high numbers.

Unemployment is expected to stay steady, although forecasts from the Fed in mid-March included median projections that unemployment could rise to 4.5% by the end of this year.


Below, we’ve gathered the latest upcoming job fairs, student-centric resources, and a list of Twitter accounts that track local job openings. If you’re a student looking for an internship or entry-level position at a local company or organization, your university has resources to help you get started. Quick links below:

For Johnston County job seekers: The recently launched JoCo Careers website helps job seekers find companies hiring in Johnston County. (More TechWire coverage here.)


Here are some locally run Twitter accounts that regularly share job openings in the Triangle:

Study: North Carolina rises to No. 16 in state innovation rankings