RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Apple faces another lawsuit centered on privacy.

A legal complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California alleges that Apple does capture data even when a user of an iPhone selects not to share data.

The case was first reported by The Register, which published a PDF copy of the legal brief.

“Apple records consumers’ personal information and activity on its consumer mobile devices and applications (‘apps’), even after consumers explicitly indicate through Apple’s mobile device settings that they do not want their data and information shared,” reads the complaint, filed on January 25, as highlighted by The Register. “This activity amounts to an enormous wealth of data that Apple collects and uses for its financial gain.”

Apple featured an advertisement in May 2022 that showcased its privacy features and said it made devices more secure with a ‘lockdown mode‘ feature in July 2022.  But the company has also abandoned plans to launch a tool that many saw as controversial in December 2022.

And the technology company also faces a federal class action lawsuit that alleges it records user mobile data without their consent.

Read the full report from The Register online.