WAKE FOREST – A startup focusing on virtual fashion designs to be utilized in the evolving metaverse virtual world and led by a veteran female entrepreneur has convinced investors it has an appealing business case.

Bluebird Entertainment has disclosed in an SEC filing that it has raised nearly $6 million from two backers. That’s the amount Bluebird says it wanted to raise, the filing notes.

“Already live on multiple platforms, Blueberry is building the largest digital fashion house in the metaverse,” the company says.

Gizem Mishi McDuff is the founder and CEO. She launched Bluebird in 2021.

The company already has 12 employees, according to its LinkedIn profile.

“I’m a serial entrepreneur with 2 exits. Currently dressing up the metaverse through my company Blueberry Entertainment Inc.,” she says on LinkedIn.

“The House of Blueberry empowers self-expression through digital fashion in the metaverse. As users increasingly socialize in digital worlds, we believe digital fashion will be the driving force behind user identity. Digital fashion is more sustainable and accessible than physical fashion, and offers an infinitely creative canvas for product creation. With more than 20 million digital assets sold and hundreds of thousands of customers since 2012, Blueberry is the leading brand in this fast-growing market. Already live on multiple platforms, Blueberry is actively expanding its brand and community to the largest web 2.0 and 3.0 metaverse platforms.”

The company says it’s focused on digital wearables, virtual fashion, metaverse, fashion, design, and style, has over 400,000 customers and has sold 10,000 SKUs (stock keeping units.