Editor’s note: In October WRAL TechWire’s Jason Parker wrote about the significant availability of $100,000-a-year jobs in the Triangle. In this story, syndicated news service Wealth of Geeks, which partners with The Associated Press among others, examines what widely published writer Claire Conway describes as low-stress six-figure jobs.
For some people, the number on their paycheck is enough of a motivator to perform their job duties sufficiently. For others, it’s about doing good quality work. For more than a third of workers, stress or burnout significantly affects their ability to perform their job duties. Let’s take a look at some low-stress jobs that will still pay you the big bucks.

1. Materials Scientist

Median Salary: $100,090

Requirements: Graduate degree or Ph.D. and extensive experience in the field

materials scientist researches and studies the structures and chemical properties of natural and synthetic composite materials. They determine ways to combine or strengthen the materials or even develop new materials with new or specific properties for use in different products and applications. Some scientists that fall under this field would be metallurgical scientists, polymer scientists, glass scientists, and ceramic scientists.

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2. Physicist

Median Salary: $152,430

Requirements: Graduate Degree, Ph.D., or a law degree and extensive experience in the field

Physicists research physical phenomena, develop theories using observation and experiments, and then create methods to apply physical laws and theories.

3. Brownfield Redevelopment Specialists and Site Managers

Median Salary: $124,650

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and some work experience

Specialists in this field plan and oversee the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated land. Their main job is to pinpoint the source of the contamination and put together an on-site cleanup crew that aligns with environmental law and standards.

4. Water Resource Specialist

Median Salary: $137,900

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and experience in the field

Water resource specialists are responsible for the design and implementation of programs related to the supply, regulation, and quality of water.

5. Environmental Economist

Median Salary: $105,630

Requirements: Relevant master’s degree, Ph.D. or law degree, and experience in the field

Environmental economists conduct research on topics such as alternative fuel use. They also compose academic articles about economic forecasts and determine the costs and benefits of different policies and regulations that affect the environment.

6. Mathematician

Median Salary: $108,100

Requirements: Relevant Master’s degree, Ph.D., or M.D., and experience in the field

Mathematicians use mathematical theories to solve problems in the business, science, and engineering fields. They conduct research on algebra, probability, geometry, etc., and draw up reports on their findings.

7. Chemical Engineer

Median Salary: $105,550

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and experience in the field

Chemical engineers work to design chemical plant equipment and devise processes used to manufacture products like gasoline, plastic, and cement. They also outline procedures to keep people safe when they are working in close proximity to chemicals.

8. Remote Sensing Scientist or Technologist

Median Salary: $104,100

Requirements: Master’s degree, Ph.D., or M.D. and experience in the field

Remote sensing scientists, or technologists, analyze data that is gathered by aircraft or satellites to help them solve problems in industries such as urban planning, homeland security, and natural resource management.

9. Economics Professor

Median Salary: $104,940

Requirements: Graduate degree and experience in the field

Economics professors teach either graduate or undergraduate students topics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, and GDP. Their job is to come up with course material, give lectures in a classroom setting, and grade assignments.

10. Business Intelligence Analyst

Median Salary: $100,910

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and some experience in the field

Business intelligence analysts take notes on business, financial, and economic data and draw up reports for executives and stakeholders. They also recommend any relevant action that should be taken on behalf of the business.

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Claire Conway is a free-lance writer. Her work has been published at MSN, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Week Magazine (UK), 24/7 Wall Street, Wealth of Geeks, Chronicle-Tribune, Mid Florida Newspapers, The Herald-Press, and Max My Money.