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MORRISVILLE – There’s a new complimentary career planning platform, and it’s offered by a Morrisville-based startup, Whomi.

The company’s career growth platform launched last week and is designed to provide workers a step-by-step pathway to build a career from the ground up.

Because career growth and career development remain important to today’s workers, with Gallup’s State of the Workplace 2022 report finding that professional development opportunities are one key way to address the lack of employee engagement in the workplace, the startup built a platform designed to help people “take charge of their career development,” according to a statement.

The company provides its platform for free, but does offer a premium subscription service with plans that start at $10 per month.

“Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with many smart, hard-working, well meaning professionals that struggled to achieve their full career potential,” said John Gordon, the founder and CEO of Whomi. “With so many changes happening in the job market, I wanted to find a way to scale the lessons I had learned both personally and through mentoring to help more people than would ever be possible one-on-one.”

Gordon was previously a senior executive at IBM, GE, Bose, and Lenovo.

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The company’s platform offers users a “growth plan” that Gordon notes in a statement “has been proven through numerous mentoring and advising engagements and has yielded real results.”

Those outcomes include assisting undergraduate students and MBA students reaching the industries and sectors of their preferences, helping mid-level managers who missed out on a promotion go on to triple their income, and assisting senior-level executives spur ongoing career growth in order to secure feelings of career satisfaction.

In fact, the company’s statement notes that the company’s platform “is designed to help all working people achieve their personal and unique career goals.”

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