If you want an interactive experience on a large screen while using a mobile device, Lenovo will soon offer smart glasses that link to smartphones and more.

“The new Lenovo Glasses T1 [is a] wearable private display for on-the-go content consumption. Compatible with many of today’s modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops with full-function USB-C, the Lenovo Glasses T1 offers superb image quality, high-efficiency optics for extended battery life, and is lightweight so users can explore and enjoy content well beyond the limited screen size of mobile devices,” Lenovo says.

“With mobile devices growing in computing power, mobile gamers, road warriors and just about everyone else will benefit from the power of carrying a personal monitor in their pocket. The trend is clear, mobile device users want to be able to play more games and stream more video. The global market for mobile gaming is projected to reach US$153 billion by 2027, growing at an annual growth rate of 11.5%, while the market for video streaming is forecasted to reach US$972 billion by 2030, growing 18.1% on average annually.”

For the full announcement, check out: https://news.lenovo.com/pressroom/press-releases/glasses-t1-wearable-display-for-gaming-streaming-privacy-on-the-go/