CARY – Tim Sweeney, a co-founder and CEO of Epic Games, took to Twitter on Monday to set the record straight: “There isn’t a Fortnite cryptocurrency.”

He wrote the Tweet in what news site Game Developer said “seemed to be directly referring to a project called Fortnite Token.”

There is a Twitter account, @fortnite_token, that currently has fewer than 1,800 followers, which joined the social media site in December 2021.

The @fortnite_token account lists the token abbreviated as $FNT, and at least one cryptocurrency exchange had the coin listed as active.  PancakeSwap V2 had a price on Tuesday afternoon at $0.00000178 and a total market capitalization of less than $300.

Still, Sweeney called this “a scam” in his Tweet yesterday, sent at 2:09 p.m according to the time stamp.  He’d also previously replied to a Tweet from the @fortnite_token account stating that it was a scam token.

In the Tweet sent at 2:09 p.m., he added “Epic’s lawyers are on it.”

A Tweet reply to Sweeney authored from the @fortnite_token account, sent less than an hour later, refuted the claim.  “Isn’t a scam cryptocurrency project,” the Tweet reads.  “Instead, this is a fair-launch, community-driven, Fortnite game fans-created cryptocurrency project with no specified owner or company structure behind it or a CEO deciding on its future.”

Sweeney responded just after 3 p.m. “You can’t use the Fortnite name and images without permission to market an unrelated product,” he wrote in a Tweet.  “That’s not how trademarks and copyrights work though.”

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Epic will launch first NFT game soon

Gala Games announced on Monday in a statement published by Games Press that its game GRIT would become the first NFT-powered game available through the Epic Games Store.

The company statement noted that it is “continuing to lead the way for blockchain games by publishing its titles on the Epic Games Store.”

Though the launch will happen later in 2022, the statement noted, John Osvald, the president of games at Gala Games said in the statement that when the company’s titles are made available through the Epic Games Store, it would bring “legitimacy to this new genre of gaming.”

Sweeney weighed in on this, as well, in responding to a Tweet that linked to the Gala Games announcement that included the statement “The scams wouldn’t be as broad if cc markets didn’t exist, so why are you allowing NFT and other similar garbage games on your store???” sent via Tweet by a user account @WhereDaGabagool.

Sweeney’s no stranger to using Twitter to discuss legal concepts or to make a point.  He took to Twitter last year while Epic Games was in active legal cases with Google and Apple, for example.

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