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Epic Games and Apple are continuing with their legal dispute, and on Wednesday, ‌Epic Games‌ filed its Appeal Reply and Cross-Appeal Response Brief, following Apple’s appeal filing back in March.

In the filing, ‌Cary-based Epic Games‌ reiterates many of the same arguments that it made during the trial. The company believes that the district court “reached the wrong answer” and made “multiple legal errors.” Apple, says Epic, is ignoring these errors and “employing diversion” to distract the appeals court.

Epic demands judge ‘order relief’ in its continuing antitrust battle with Apple

Responding to Apple’s claim that sideloading or alternate app stores would compromise the security of the iPhone, ‌Epic Games‌ again points toward the Mac, where apps can be downloaded outside of the Mac App Store. Epic believes the only consequence of support for alternate app stores would be Apple having to “compete for its customers.”

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