RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – CED kicked off its Venture Connect Summit today at the Cisco campus in RTP. Here’s the latest.

One of the first to pitch was David Kaszycki, co-founder and CEO of Beam Dynamics. The startup’s product, BeamON, is a web-based platform that supports film and broadcast studios, helping them prevent downtime and security breaches by consolidating their technology infrastructure into a single user interface. 

Kaszycki said that his pitch was focused on providing an update to investors and making an ask for mentorship. 

“We’re now growing our team, we’ve got 12 full-time developers of 16 on our team, and the needs from your team change, right?” said Kaszycki. “And we’ve actually relied on CED and a lot of the partners within the CED network for that.”

Kaszycki said that he leveraged the CED network to answer his questions about customer onboarding and about hiring. 

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“As we grow, we run into different roadblocks that are past my experience, or of my team’s,” said Kaszycki. “And we need someone like a CED or some of these investors and partners to help us bridge that gap, whether through mentorship, finding the right people that can come on our team, or just kind of like talking us through the process for that.”

Beam Dynamics closed a pre-seed raise at the end of 2021 and finalized their pilot program for BeamON in January. Last year, BeamON won the 2021 PILOT Innovation award and Product of the Year award from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). 

“We had about 20 pilot testers, broadcasting and film studios, big networks, that have been testing it and applying our technology,” said Kaszycki. “And now we are doing a full launch in two weeks.”

Beam Dynamics will debut their full launch of BeamON at the NAB trade show in Las Vegas later this month. Kaszycki credited the resources and support from CED as part of his startup’s recent success.

“The money is one thing, but to be a successful company, it’s not just money, right?,” said Kaszycki. “It takes all these resources.”

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