RALEIGH – A new report finds that Raleigh and Durham are both among the top 25 hardest-working cities in America.

The WalletHub analysis, which studied direct and indirect factors related to employment across the 116 cities in the study.

Raleigh ranked 23rd overall and Durham ranked 24th overall, and according to the report’s methodology, each data set analyzed refers to the city proper, and excludes the surrounding metro area, though for some cities and some indicators, the analysis used state-level data if city-level data was not available.

Charlotte ranked 27th overall, according to the report.

The report comes as job openings across the Triangle and across the state of North Carolina continue to increase.

Job openings increasing, but not everywhere

What was considered?

The rankings were based on 11 tracked metrics, and were weighted, with more weight given to factors like average work week hours, and less weight given to factors such as the share of engaged workers, which was one metric where city-level data was not available.  The weighted average was then averaged to calculate a city’s overall score, then the cities were rank-ordered.

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The factors considered in the rankings:

  • Average work week hours
  • Employment rate
  • Share of households where no adults work
  • Share of workers who leave vacation time unused
  • Share of engaged workers (state-level data)
  • Idle youth rate
  • Average commute time
  • Share of workers with multiple jobs (state-level data)
  • Annual volunteer hours per resident
  • Share of residents who participate in local groups or organizations
  • Average leisure time spent per day (state-level data)

North Carolina ranked 17th in a similar study.