RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The national job market is trending towards technology-specific positions, according to a new report from Glassdoor. Similarly, tech jobs are in high demand in North Carolina, with some of the state’s top IT occupations represented among Glassdoor’s national rankings. But which jobs pay the most, and how many positions are available in our state? We’ve got the list.

The Best Jobs for 2022 ranking, compiled by Glassdoor’s Economic Research arm, places enterprise architect, full-stack engineer and data scientist in the top three spots. The ranking is based on median base salary, job satisfaction rating and the number of openings listed on Glassdoor.

All of the jobs in Glassdoor’s top-10 ranking pay over $100,000, and nearly all are positions that require technical expertise or programming skills—reflecting the needs of employers across many different industries:

A look at the top 10 jobs in America in 2022, ranked by Glassdoor Economic Research.

A look at the top 10 jobs in America in 2022, ranked by Glassdoor Economic Research.

TechWire searched these positions by location on Glassdoor to see how many openings are available in North Carolina:

  • Enterprise architect: 97
  • Full-stack engineer: 329
  • Data scientist: 385
  • Dev Ops engineer: 271
  • Strategy manager: 9,909
  • Machine learning engineer: 522
  • Data engineer: 312
  • Software engineer: 3,130
  • Java Developer: 1,195
  • Product manager: 680

Many of the positions on Glassdoor’s list are also in high demand across North Carolina, according to the NC Technology Association’s latest IT Job Trends Report.

A snapshot of the top 10 occupations listed in NC TECH's December 2021 IT Job Trends report.

A snapshot of the top 10 occupations listed in NC TECH’s December 2021 IT Job Trends report.

The top occupations across the state in December 2021 were software engineer, senior software engineer, project manager, data engineer, senior data engineer, DevOps engineer, network engineer, system administrator, systems engineer and software developer.

Three of these positions—software engineer, data engineer and DevOps engineer—are also represented in Glassdoor’s top-10 list.

Overall trends show a slight drop in the total number of tech job postings in December, but jobs have rebounded from pandemic lows. The latest IT Job Trends report counted 45,155 job openings across North Carolina in December, a slight drop from November’s 46,823, but still up 53% from December 2020.

Is tech job hiring cooling in NC? December numbers drop from record high

Separating the totals by region, Charlotte/Concord/Gastonia had the most openings out of all North Carolina metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), with 16,064 postings in December. The Raleigh MSA ranked second, with 13,709 postings, followed by Durham/Chapel Hill with 4,455.

Interestingly, some of the state’s smaller metro areas have seen the most significant year-on-year gains. Goldsboro’s IT job postings have jumped 1,112% since December 2020, while New Bern increased by 483% and Jacksonville by 151%. By comparison, the Charlotte metro area has risen by 65%, Raleigh rose by 39% and Durham/Chapel Hill by 36%.