CARY – For years, Epic Games has pushed the boundaries of computer simulations in a quest to produce CGI that’s lifelike, comparable to photos and video. And its latest push is so good that even the star of the Matrix is asking:

“How do we know what is real?”

Here’s the video of “The Matrix Awakens:”

Keanu Reeves asks that question in the startling vivid, lifelike and action-filled promo (and playable) tech demonstration “The Matrix Awakens” unveiled Thursday night at the annual Game Awards show, How good is it?

“”The Matrix Awakens is an unmissable next-gen showcase,” declares Eurogamer.

In a blog, Cary-based Epic – the creator of global hit “Fortnite – describes Awakens as “a living, breathing environment that never stops. Because the systems that drive its actors are part of a global simulation that is evaluated continuously, the activity that takes place in the city is far more consistent and believable. Block after block, it ticks with photorealistic AI-driven characters and vehicles—whether you’re looking at them or not.”

And more is likely to come.

“Making something look super-real should encourage storytellers for how to use [Unreal Engine 5] in a game — or a film or TV show,” said Kim Libreri, chief technology officer at Epic Games, in an interview with Variety.

The Verge posted an exclusive interview with Reeves and co-star Carrie-Anne Moss about the “Experience:”

The “Experience” hits the net just ahead of “The Matrix Resurrections” which hits theaters on Dec. 22.

By the way, Awakens can be download for free for you to experience on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Epic Games takes you into ‘The Matrix’ with cutting-edge demo – watch the video