RALEIGH – Constellation Digital Partners launched a digital service for Farmers Insurance Credit Union, FIGFCU, using the company’s digital platform earlier this week.

According to a statement issued by the company, the deployment will support credit union member enrollment, as well as authentication, and provide support for iOS and Android applications.

The deployment of the platform by FIGFCU includes a location finder, and Constellation said in a statement that this “represents another way for credit unions to quickly launch specific digital services, alongside and without disruption to their current digital banking services.”

The company assisted Coastal Credit Union in a Payrailz-powered bill pay and person-to-person deployment earlier this year, following a deal between Constellation and Payrailz announced in February 2020.

Raleigh fintech startup Constellation Digital inks deal to bring banking as a service to credit unions

The company said in its statement that the two deployments further validates its technology platform and demonstrates proof of concept, as well as the platform’s flexibility.

“Even if credit unions are locked into a contract with their online banking provider, they don’t have to wait for that to end to launch new digital services,” said Lauren Moran, senior vice president of implementations at Constellation. For example, credit unions coul deliver what Moran calls a “companion app” that enhances member experience.

The company anticipates additional deployments of its platforms by credit unions in 2022, it said.

“We work at the pace of each individual credit union to implement solutions that fit individual strategic roadmaps,” said Moran.

The FIGFCU launch showcases how credit unions can drive the type of deployment they want, to take advantage of Constellation’s technology.”