RALEIGH – In July, insightsoftware CEO Jim Triandiflou told WRAL TechWire that the company would continue its blistering pace of buying software firms to bolster its enterprise software solutions for CFOs after raising $800 million from Hg.

Soon after the funding round was announced, the company acquired Australian firm CALUMO. Now, the company announced that it has acquired Exago, a company that will merge with Logi Analytics, an insightsoftware division. That’s the 19th deal for the “unicorn” company since its formation three years ago.

insightsoftware bought Logi Analytics earlier this year.

The company announced the latest acquisition in a statement, noting that Exago offers an “embedded BI [business intelligence] solution providing leading companies with seamless integration for customer facing web applications.”

It noted research from a 2021 survey conducted by its Logi Analytics division that found that 60% of end-users are using analytics, and stated that by integrating Exago into Logi Analytics it would advance data literacy for leadership teams.

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“The average employee uses eight SaaS applications in their daily work. Logi Analytics directly  supports these end-users by providing real-time access to their data displayed through  customizable and easy-to-navigate dashboards within users’ existing workflows,” said Vickie  Westmark, president and general manager of Logi Analytics in a statement.  “By pairing Exago’s impressive  platform with our embedded analytics solution, we are empowering users of all technical  aptitudes.”

According to the company, its customers include Walmart, Deloitte, Lockheed Martin, and KPMG.

The company will operate as a part of the Logi Analytics division, which operates as a separate business unit, the company stated.