RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Panaceutics Nutrition, which recently began marketing its personalized nutrition products, now has a new chief executive officer. And he’s a familiar face in North Carolina’s life science community.

He’s Adam Monroe, who most recently served as President-Americas for Novozymes, which has a large presence in North Carolina.

Monroe replaces venture capitalist Andy Schwab, who had been serving as interim CEO. Schwab remains an advisor to the company, according to a Panaceutics spokesperson.

“We are extremely excited to have Adam join our team. Our goal for this past year has been to expand our executive management team with biotech leaders with the connections and insight to take Panaceutics to the next level. Adam’s proven leadership will enable the next leap forward for our team to realize the full potential of our unique intellectual property portfolio,” Schwab said in a statement.

This summer the firm launched a new line of single-serve nutritional products compounded for the general public.

The company calls the brand i-Vive. The branded nutritional support products are tailored to meet specific nutritional goals that Panaceutics says customers have identified as important to their health.  The first product released, i-Vive Immune Support, is designed to help support immune health.

“Consumer focus on health and wellness is growing every day, along with the understanding of how we can better meet those needs through nutrition. Human genetics, gut health and the microbiome, health monitors, nutraceuticals and functional medicine offer a myriad of possibilities if we can marry them with nutritional solutions at the right levels for the individual,” Monroe said in the announcement.

“I’m amazed by Panaceutics’ technology and looking forward to working with them in Virginia and North Carolina to deliver solutions that uniquely match each individual consumer and improve the health and well-being of millions.”

Panaceutics launched in 2018.

About Adam Monroe

Monroe brings more than 25 years of experience with industrial biotechnology, including the food, beverage and nutrition industry, to the role. He previously served as President-Americas for Novozymes, a global biobased solutions company. There he led the Americas leadership team who collectively managed the Sales, Supply and Development of a $900 million enzyme and microbials business in more than 30 markets across North and South America. Monroe also led Novozymes Global Sustainability and Public Affairs efforts utilizing an award-winning model with policy impact to the global business from Brussels to Brasilia, Beijing and Washington, D.C. He has been a leading national voice for nature’s solutions and their sustainable impact on business and society.

Source: Panaceutics

Panaceutics is a leader in customized and personalized nutrition, leveraging years of research in formulations and automation to create pleasant-tasting products that combine a range of micro- and macronutrients, fibers and other beneficial ingredients in a single serving packet that is easy to use and can be consumed anywhere.

The N.C. Biotech Center contributed to this story.

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